9 Hairspray Hacks Worth Knowing

9 Hairspray Hacks Worth Knowing

Did you know hairspray can fix more than just your hair? Surprisingly versatile, a quick misting of hairspray can help with everything from taming brows to preventing stains, as well as enhancing your natural texture. Here are 10 ways to ensure you get your money’s worth from your next can…

Smooth Fly-aways 

Nothing is better at smoothing fly-aways or baby hairs than hairspray. Experts recommend a gentle spritz before rolling the smooth side of the can over the hair to lock everything in place. It prevents any chance of ruining the style with a comb or brush.


Calm Your Brows

When time is at a premium, hairspray doubles up as eyebrow gel. Mist a little onto a fingertip, Q-tip or spoolie brush, then run it over your brows for a shiny, groomed finish – never spray directly onto brows or you risk getting it in your eyes.


Set Your Mani Fast

A regular top coat will always reign supreme, but hairspray could set your manicure a little faster. Not only does it cut drying time in half, it also adds a non-sticky shine in seconds. Just keep it light when you spray and be sure to do it from a distance.


Save Your Tights

For those not already familiar, hairspray works wonders on preventing laddered tights from worsening. Keep a travel-sized bottle handy and you’ll never have to worry about a run in your tights spreading.


Enhance Your Texture

A lot of people assume hairspray only sets your style, but it’s actually recommended as a texturiser, too. Try spraying it all over your hair before pinching and twisting for a crumpled, cool-girl look. It’s the easiest way to get that French, lived-in finish, without spending hours with the curling tongs.


Lock In Kirby Grips

Often find your hair grips and slides fall out? Spray the backs of them to create extra grip. The texture of the spray will help keep everything in place, preventing your accessories from slipping and looking messy.


Get Rid Of Stickers

Ever get fed up of stickers which leave behind a dirty, gluey residue when you peel them off? Hairspray can help. We often use this hack ourselves: spray some on the remnants of your sticker, leave it to soak in for a few minutes and you’ll find it starts to pull away much easier. Genius.


Remove Make-Up Stains

If you find a lipstick or make-up stain on your clothes or furniture, spray some hairspray onto it. Leave for a few minutes before wiping off, and chuck it in your washing machine. The formula of the spray breaks down stains and lifts residue off gradually for a less visible appearance.


Repel Static From Your Clothing 

If you find your clothes often get static, try spritzing hairspray on the inside of your clothes. It works really well on tights, too, to reduce that annoying zappy sensation when they’re fresh out the dryer. Spray from roughly eight inches away and you’ll find static stops instantly.

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