The Best Products To Prevent Hair Fall
The Best Products To Prevent Hair Fall

The Best Products To Prevent Hair Fall

Statistics show hair fall and thinning affects most of us at some point and although there are many causes, it is possible to prevent further damage. The Kérastase Genesis range helps to counteract these problems, thanks to science-backed ingredients and formulas that strengthen hair from the inside out. Here’s how it works...

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The Reasons

According to celebrity hairdresser David Lucas, there are two reasons for hair fall: “Either it’s a reaction to external aggressors, or it’s a progressive process linked to a weakened bulb at the root.”  The latter can stem from anything including everyday brushing, frequent washing or excessive heat styling, while lifestyle factors such as pregnancy, diet, smoking and stress all play a part. “Typically, we lose between 40 to 100 strands of hair per day,” says David. “But the good news is your hair is constantly renewing. If your hair is fragile, frequent brushing or friction from a towel can sensitise it even more and elastic bands can cause damage, too – so it’s important to be gentle.”

The Kérastase Genesis Range

Though hair fall is a top concern for women in the UK – if affects seven out of ten of us at some point – the solutions tend to be complicated and clinical. That’s why Kérastase created Genesis – a haircare range that’s simple and effective, with each formula developed by hairdressers, nutritionists and dermatologists to ensure the best results. Even better, these products still feel like a treat to use – we love the gentle fragrance, which is made up of soothing notes of bergamot, cedar and musk.

The Key Ingredients

The Kérastase Genesis formulas include ingredients like aminexil, which help to preserve healthy nutrition within your scalp. Meanwhile, Edelweiss native cells are known for their antioxidant powers and collagen-preserving properties, and work to reinforce hair fibres and keep them strong. Finally, ginger root has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for years to enhance the structure and elasticity of hair.

The Reviews

Unsurprisingly, Genesis has won rave reviews across the entire range – especially the shampoo and conditioner. SheerLuxe readers even voted for it as the best hair washing range in this year’s beauty awards. Dubbed ‘game changers’ by fans, the products work hard to condition and soften, without weighing hair down. As for the clinical results, the range is proven to stop hair fall by up to 84% and improve hair’s strength and resilience.*

*When the shampoo, conditioner & treatment are all used together.

Each Product At A Glance…

Nourishing & Fortifying Shampoo for Thick or Dry Hair, £23.80

Kérastase knows no two clients have the same hair type, which is why it created two shampoos. One provides intense hydration for thick, dry hair, while the other prevents excess oiliness and offers a thorough cleanse for finer hair types. Each shampoo minimises tangles, and over time strengthens hair fibres for visibly healthier-looking hair.

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Nourishing & Fortifying Conditioner, £31.15

Every shampoo needs a good conditioner and mask to go with it. This conditioner is lightweight, feeding hair with just enough moisture so it doesn’t go lank or heavy. Look out for the mask as well which uses the key ingredients to smooth and recondition broken fibres. Leave it on towel-dried hair for at least two to three minutes for best results.

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Nourishing & Fortifying Blow-Dry Cream, £29.05

If you’re someone who heat styles your hair regularly, use this spray, which offers protection up to 220°C. It contains all the same conditioning ingredients, helping to detangle, hydrate, prevent breakage and minimise frizz. Apply it to wet hair then activate it with your hot tools.

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Nourishing & Fortifying Serum, £40

Those with a dry scalp will love this nourishing serum that strengthens and boosts hair’s resilience with vitamin B, caffeine and arginine. It also uses ginger root and aminexil to target hair loss by improving blood flow to the follicles. You can expect less itchiness and dryness with regular use, as well as softer, shinier and more manageable strands. A little on the mid-lengths to ends will also go a long way in disguising damage.

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Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Treatment Ampoules, £44.95

Created for those suffering from more intense fall-out, these ampoules will give your hair a complete overhaul by taking a more targeted approach. Use them daily – either in the morning or before you go to bed – applying one directly onto a dry or towel-dried scalp. Massage them in and allow them to sit for the remainder of the day or night. After six weeks of use, you’ll notice the shedding process is slower – no wonder they continue to be a brand bestseller.

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