The Best Products For Stronger, Healthier Nails
The Best Products For Stronger, Healthier Nails

The Best Products For Stronger, Healthier Nails

If you’re prone to weak, brittle nails, it can be frustrating to try to grow them out. While there are plenty of DIY remedies that can help, few products compare to OPI. From every day cuticle oils to its award-winning strengthener for stronger, natural nails, the brand has something for every need and concern. Here are some of the bestselling products in the range – including how to use them for best results.

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Issue #1: Dry Nails



The key to healthy, happy nails is hydration. Like our skin and hair, nails are at their best when they’re properly moisturised. If you’re prone to dryness, it’s recommended you remedy the issue with different treatments, applying them daily for the best results. We love OPI’s Original Nail Envy formula, which is proven to improve nail health and promote growth. Finally, the Pro Spa Nail & Cuticle Oil formula contains ultra-nourishing cupuaçu butter, avacado and sunflower oils for maximum hydration. Apply it daily for best results.

Issue #2: Brittle Nails

Applying and removing gel polish incorrectly is a big cause of breakages. When polish is peeled or scraped off, it thins out the nail, making it more susceptible to premature splitting. That’s why we’re big fans of OPI’s in-between manicure system. Start with Gel Break Serum Infused Base Coat – a nail serum that contains hydrating vitamins and bamboo extract to keep nails nourished and strong. This unique shimmer-serum base coat masks nail imperfections and discolourations while laying the foundation for a flawless Gel Break manicure. When you are ready for your next salon appointment, make sure you ask for OPI’s GelColor Polishes. Promising three weeks of rich colour, OPI Gel is available in over 180 shades including the iconic favourites such as Bubble Bath, Funny Bunny and Big Apple Red. If you’re between manicures, try using the Nail Envy Dry and Brittle dedicated treatment to help your tips recuperate.

We love OPI’s original NAIL ENVY formula, which is proven to IMPROVE nail health and promote GROWTH.

Issue #3: Peeling Nails

Plenty of everyday activities can take their toll on our nails, including using too much hot water. This alone can cause excess moisture to penetrate the nail fibres, expanding and lifting them, which results in peeling and flakiness. To counteract this, try using a daily treatment that targets peeling nails – like OPI’s Nail Envy Soft & Peeling formula. Using vitamin E and kukui nut oil, it acts like a conditioner does for your hair, while aloe vera delivers a continuous flow of moisture. If you’re after some colour, the brand now offers its cult Nail Envy formula in its bestselling ‘Bubble Bath’ shade. With wheat protein and calcium, it’s been dubbed ‘nail rehab’ for its strengthening benefits. Expect a soft, pearly finish to the nails thanks to the flattering colour that suits all skin tones and gives a clean appearance.

Issue #4: Soft, Thin Nails

When nails feel especially weak, experts advise taking a break from polish and investing in a targeted nail strengthener instead. We rate OPI’s Nail Envy for Soft & Thin Nails. Containing ingredients like calcium sea minerals, it works to harden your nails and keep them hydrated. In addition, steer clear of harsh detergents or soaps – these can thin and dry out your nails, so try to wear gloves while cleaning, and avoid nail polish removers containing high levels of acetone.

Issue #5: Ridged Nails

Nail ridges usually appear later in life, but dehydration, damage or gel polish can also expedite their appearance. Though annoying, it’s thankfully an easy issue to remedy. First, use base coats that minimise the appearance of any bumps – we recommend OPI’s Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Primer which instantly conceals uneven texture and gives nails a natural glow. Follow up with the Infinite Shine Polish which adds a gel-like shine and streak-free colour that lasts for up to 11 days. Plus, it's available in over 150 shades meaning there’s something for everyone. The Infinite Shine Top Coat completes this three-step routine.



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