The Experts’ Favourite Snag-Free Hairbrushes

The Experts’ Favourite Snag-Free Hairbrushes

Find a good snag-free hairbrush and you’ll wonder why you didn’t prioritise it sooner. It might sound trivial – but the experts agree. Here are their go-tos.

Mason Pearson Detangler All Nylon Hair Brush, £124

Rated By: Craig Taylor, HARI’s creative director

“My favourite brush of all time is Mason & Pearson’s Detangler Brush. It has good quality nylon bristles that are firm, yet flexible and gentle. Start by brushing the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up to the root. This deals with any smaller tangles or knots as you go, making the entire process more seamless.” 

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The Wet Brush Original Detangler, £11.99

Rated By: Jo Irving, hair stylist & hair educator 

“This brush is my top recommendation. Not only does it glide through wet hair like a dream, the flexible bristles massage your scalp at the same time. Plus, it comes in some really cool colours and patterns. It works particularly well to break down knots in longer hair, too.” 

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Manta Hair Hairbrush, £25 

Rated By: Adam Reed, A-list hairdresser & founder of A/R Salon

“The Manta can be used for so many different things, because it’s incredibly versatile. One of the gentlest brushes on the market, it’s brilliant for smoothing, detangling, working in dry shampoo or using alongside your dryer to create a smooth blow-out. You’ll never look back.”

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Kent Perfect for Maxi Detangling Brush, £11

Rated By:  Paul Jones, hairstylist 

“Whether you’re looking to blow-dry, detangle or smooth, this brush has you covered, and at an affordable price, too. With thick bristles, it’s been created to emulate fingers, so it detangles without any abrasive tugging, which is why it’s become such a firm favourite. Especially good for those with thicker, coarse hair, it also gives your scalp a nice massage as well, and it’s brilliant when used on wet strands.” 

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YS Park Luster Cushion Eco Styler Beetle, £57

Rated By: Patrick Wilson, A-list hairdresser & creative artist for GHD

“This one is in my session kit at all times, as it can be used for everything – it’s a great all-rounder if you’re looking to invest in a brush that caters to all. Designed with a rounded head and ventilation holes, it also speeds up drying time, while giving hair an unbeatable sleek, shiny finish.”

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Tangle Teezer The Large Wet Detangler Hairbrush, £12

Rated By: Nicole Clarke, A-list stylist & colourist at Nicola Clarke John Frieda Salons.

“This larger size is great for brushing hair through, and makes light work of tangled knots. Plus, all Tangle Teezer’s now come in such great colours and sizes depending on your preference, and how much control you want. For me, it’s a staple and very gentle on the scalp, too.” 

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