How To Banish Frizzy Hair This Summer

All this balmy weather can come at a cost to your hair, with the humidity factor leaving strands less than smooth. So how best to battle summer frizz? We spoke to two top stylists for their expert advice, and share the tried and tested products that’ll have your locks looking sleeker (and ensure they stay that way all day)…

1. Skip Daily Hair Washes

As James Pryce, Master Stylist at London’s Larry King salon points out, over-washing will strip your hair of its natural frizz-fighting oils. Editorial hairstylist and Mayfair salon owner Steven Carey agrees – adding that while washing your hair may seem like an easy hack for getting it smooth again, wash it too much and you’ll lose out on vital moisture. “Washing every other day enables your hair to retain its natural oils, thereby preventing dryness,” he explains. Both experts also stress that, when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, using the right products is essential. We seriously rate’s Davines’ award-winning Love Smoothing shampoo – blended with Sicilian olive extract to ideal elasticize, soften and smooth, while adding the perfect amount of shine.

If your hair is thick or coarse, try using a light leave-in conditioner after your regular wash-and-condition routine for extra smoothing benefits. And if you suffer from split ends, look out for keratin-packed formulas, like Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again Rinse – it works wonders.

2. Dry & Detangle Gently

When it comes to preventing frizz, what you do post-shower is key. Pryce strongly advises wrapping your hair in a towel and using a gentle squeezing motion to remove the water, rather than roughing it up. And SL’s top tip? Try one of Aquis’ genius hair towels – made from super-soft, ultra-absorbent fabric, they decrease drying time, minimise frizz and reduce damage. If you have naturally curly hair, try his styling hack: “Apply a smoothing serum and put your hair up wet a top knot or braid for the day. It’s a cool look and the next day you have the added bonus of softer, frizz-free curls.”

Carey adds that those with frizzy hair should look to wide-toothed combs over brushes. “Brushes can cause hair to split and, especially if you have curly hair, narrow combs’ teeth are practically vicious fangs,” he says. “Unless you’re trying to straighten your hair, those with natural texture should avoid narrow brushes and stick to wide-toothed combs – you can even use your fingers for detangling.”

3. Steer Clear From Heat

“Humidity is public enemy number one for curly hair, so it’s no surprise hot tools can spell trouble too,” says Carey. He recommends avoiding heated styling tools as much as you can, and always applying a product with heat protection when you do use them. We swear by Oribe’s Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, which works to seal split ends and provide heat protection up to 230°C. And if you’re in a rush, you can’t go wrong with Cloud Nine’s Magical Quick Dry Potion – which really does what says on the bottle, reducing hair drying time by up to 50% (meaning it has far less chance to frizz).

If your hair tends to frizz as it naturally dries, Carey also suggests applying a lightweight hair oil and using a diffuser or hair-dryer on a cold setting: “It takes longer but will result in beautiful curls with less frizz but plenty of frills.”

4. Fight Frizz On-The-Go

To fight frizz all day, spritz over an anti-humidity spray before leaving the house. Living Proof’s No Frizz Humidity Shield is our fave (the brand’s entire No Frizz range is worth checking out too).

And when it comes to on-the-go maintenance, Carey has an affordable hack: “Sweep a dryer sheet over your locks to eliminate frizz in a pinch.” If you’re after something more glamorous, however, team SL have been seriously impressed by OUAI’s latest haircare launch – the genius Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets. Not only are they anti-static, they’re infused with coconut oil and shea butter to smooth both flyaways and frizz in seconds.

We also have to give a mention to OUAI’s individual Treatment Masque sachets. Perfect for gym bags or taking on travels, they’ll leave your strands strong, silky and supple in as little as five minutes.

5. Smooth While You Sleep

Here at SL, we’ve long been advocates of the hair-smoothing power of a silk pillowcase – helping to reduce frizz, prevent breakage and even help your blow-dries last for longer (not to mention a whole host of skincare benefits, too).

But to take things one step further, try sleeping in a silk hair wrap – helping to balance oily roots and dry ends, and maintaining your hairstyle overnight. We tried out SILKE London’s offering and woke up with perfectly smooth, in-tact waves from a styling session the day before.

And, as our experts put it, no nightly haircare routine can be complete without a dose of oil – working to smooth and nourish hair while you sleep, it’ll be completely absorbed by morning (which means no tell-tale greasiness). We’ve tried pretty much every brand out there, and few come close to Morrocanoil’s Treatment Original; able to transform even the most frazzled of bleached locks into silky, shiny strands overnight, it’s a cult beauty product for a reason.

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