How To Embrace Grey Hair

How To Embrace Grey Hair

It’s fair to say grey hair is on the up – in fact, it’s estimated that more than 10,000 people in the UK are Googling how to make the most of it every month. If you’re tempted to embrace your silver strands – but want to avoid unnecessary ageing – be sure to follow this expert advice…

Use This Time To Transition 

“Growing out grey hair involves patience, so now is the perfect time to transition if you’re considering the switch,” advises Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel. “Once you can get back to a salon, an expert can advise you how to get more out of your grey. In the meantime, there are ways to enhance it at home. To begin with, when the hair turns grey, natural warm tones may become more visible and often throw unwanted yellow tones out. To counteract this, invest in a purple shampoo to help neutralise everything and give a beautiful, cool hue instead – it will make all the difference as your colour grows out.”  

Invest In Products That Will Help 

“There may be a time near the beginning when you’re not fond of the contrast between your normal colour and the grey,” adds Adam. “If this is the case, disguise the greys during this initial stage with root touch-ups, like L’Oreal’s Professionnel Root Touch Up Spray. Try going for a shade that’s softer than your natural colour – don’t try to match it perfectly. A headband is also a great way of covering greys. Once you’re past the awkward stage, grey strands should start to spread evenly, so they don’t just congregate at the hairline. Remember though, confidence is key, so if you’re opting for regrowth, do so with conviction and stick it out.” 

Remember, Grey Hair Isn’t For Everyone

“Grey hair can look amazing, but it can also be quite draining for your complexion, depending on your skin tone,” explains Jason Collier, celebrity and cession stylist. “Now is a great time to test the waters and see if it feels right for you. But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. If you do decide it matches your colouring, you may have to adjust other aspects, too, like make-up, to counteract any dullness.” 

Factor In The Upkeep 

“Just like going blonde or platinum, grey hair requires the same level of upkeep and nourishment,” says Adam. “Yes, products are usually tailored to the individual, but a great oil, nourishing mask or conditioning treatment will always be key to healthy-looking hair. When hair is hydrated, it will enhance your natural grey colour, while providing a gorgeous shine that’s far from ageing.” 

Consider The Cut 

“Once you can get an appointment, it’s worth considering the cut, as well as the colour,” says Jason. “Quite directional haircuts look great on grey hair. A sharp bob is incredibly elegant in silver, while a softer, more feminine style (think Helen Mirren) can look very chic. If you decide to go shorter, invest in a great texturizing product to add plenty of movement. There are numerous options, but it’s the cut which will make the difference.” 

Don’t Believe The Myths 

“It’s a real myth that grey hair becomes coarse as it grows out,” adds Adam. “Hair actually becomes finer with age, and the fibres are much softer as the scalp starts to manufacture less natural oil, causing silver hair to feel brittle. This is exactly why you shouldn’t treat it differently. Make time for regular masking sessions, and keep strands hydrated at all times – this will prevent grey from looking ageing or dull.”  

Finally, Try An At-Home Consultation 

While we can’t access the pros right now, some colourists are offering their expertise virtually, including Josh Wood, Hershesons and John Frieda. If you’re considering growing out your grey, or want some guidance, try booking a pre-colour consultation first. Then, when normality resumes, seek out a stylist. “Experts can help to enhance your colour with placement around the face, as well as helping you blend the shade seamlessly,” adds expert stylist, Karine Jackson. “As we age, our skin loses pigment in the same way our hair does, and it also changes with the seasons, so a quick analysis at every appointment to make sure the colour is working is worth it. Even a tiny tweak can make a difference.”
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