The SL Guide To BIAB Nails
The SL Guide To BIAB Nails

The SL Guide To BIAB Nails

We all love the look of a gel manicure, but we also know they’re not great for our nails. Enter BIAB, the product and technique best known for strengthening, protecting and promoting better growth of your nails – while they’re painted. Here, we went to the nail pros at Create & Coat to find out more.
By Sapna Rao

What It Is

“BIAB – which stands for Builder In A Bottle – is a range of soak-off ‘builder’ gel polishes invented by the brand GelBottle Inc. They provide a reinforced layer that protects and strengthens your nails underneath. The effect is similar to gels, but with a far stronger finish to support weak, thin and damaged nails – think of it like a coat of armour.” 

The Benefits

“The main benefit of BIAB is its ability to protect and promote the growth of your natural nail. But there are several other benefits, too. For example, BIAB offers a harder finish than regular gel polish, leading to fewer chips or breakages, and it’s less disruptive than something like acrylic extensions. It also allows you to achieve a gel look without the fuss or lengthy application process.”

The USPs

“In comparison to acrylics, which need to be filed off, BIAB can be soaked off using acetone which causes far less damage. It can also be used as a basecoat – so if you want a shade that isn't available in the current BIAB range, your nail tech can simply apply BIAB as a base, then pop any gel polish on top to achieve the same benefits and results. It can also be used to mend breakages. For example, you can sculpt short extensions to perfect their shape or use it to correct tears. Plus, infilled correctly, BIAB can last longer – you’ll get four weeks out of it regardless.” 



The Cost

“The cost differs from salon to salon, just like acrylics and gel. It typically comes down to the time taken to apply, the location and the expertise. However, you can normally request BIAB as an addition to your standard manicure for around £10 a go.”

Important Things To Note

“Although BIAB has many benefits, if you’re looking to build artificial length, you should opt for extensions instead. Also, BIAB – like most gel or acrylic products – isn’t suitable for anyone with a HEMA or acrylate allergy.”

Where To Go

“You can find BIAB at most leading nail salons – or you can book into The GelBottle’s very own nail salon. For safety reasons, check your nail technician is using a reputable brand such as The GelBottle Inc. There has been a rise in non-professional brands selling ‘dupe’ products which we would strongly recommend not using.”

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