The Styling Spray Curly Hair Types Need To Try
The Styling Spray Curly Hair Types Need To Try

The Styling Spray Curly Hair Types Need To Try

Curlsmith is one of the best in the business at enhancing textured, wavy hair. Its dedicated product line caters to anyone looking for more definition and bounce – and its latest Effortless Waves Spray is a welcome addition. Versatile and easy to use, it acts like a hairspray, volume booster and wave definer in one, with a lightweight texture that never feels crunchy or greasy. Full of natural, nourishing ingredients, it also strengthens and revives brittle strands. Here’s why it’s worth a try – and how to get 10% OFF…

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The Curlsmith Background

Launched in 2017, Curlsmith has one mission in mind: to cater to every type of curl, from subtle waves to hair types three and four – which are tighter curls and coils – and everything in between. Its products hydrate, strengthen and protect without weighing hair down or causing that tell-tale greasy or crunchy feel. The ingredients are top notch – think avocado oil, kale, rosemary, coconut oil and nourishing butters that really improve the look and feel hair. Plus, the brand never uses any drying actives either – like sulphates, alcohol or artificial dyes –  and everything is vegan and cruelty-free. One of its bestsellers is the Curl Defining Styling Souffle, but its newest Effortless Waves Spray is also set to sell out.

About The Effortless Waves Spray

Up to 70% of people with textured hair have curls, waves or coils that requires more specialist treatment. It may not always be obvious, but if you air-dry your hair and still see slight kinks, it’s likely you have a natural curl pattern that’s not frizzy, but simply needs some care and attention.

With this in mind, Curlsmith wanted to create a product that did a bit of everything. The Effortless Wave Spray enhances waves instead of working against them and it reduces frizz at the same time. We love how it provides extra body and volume to hair that lasts. Unlike other formulas on the market, it doesn’t ever feel crunchy or drying, thanks to ingredients like aloe vera and amino acids, which strengthen and hydrate hair. Meanwhile, added linseed and chia seeds boost curl definition, while the exclusion of alcohol means hair never feels dry or dull afterwards.

How To Get The Most From It

Once you’ve washed your hair and applied conditioner, liberally apply this spray throughout the mid-lengths to ends. It’s so fine, you’ll barely feel it. Once you’ve used your required amount, work it through each section of your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, taking a raking motion for even distribution. When you’re ready, scrunch it in using upwards motions to enhance the shape of your curls. You can let it air dry, but we recommend using a diffuser, like the one you’ll find on Curlsmith’s hairdryer. It has a wide and large head with deep-reaching prongs that not only reduce dry time but help to minimise frizz, boost volume and ensure your curls stay bouncier for longer.

What The Reviews Say…

And Finally, The Results…

With consistent 4.9* reviews, Curlsmith’s new spray is set to be a bestseller. The results speak for themselves, with 86% of testers claiming their waves looked more defined post-use and agreeing they would recommend it to a friend. 81% also said the spray worked well to enhance the natural texture of their hair.

*Source: Independent user study on 134 volunteers, January 2023.

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