Ways To Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh Between Appointments
Ways To Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh Between Appointments

Ways To Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh Between Appointments

It’s estimated women can spend upwards of £50,000 colouring their hair over the course of a lifetime – so it’s no wonder many are looking for ways to extend their results in between salon appointments. From washing less to investing in a gloss, we asked three experts to share their tips.
By Rebecca Hull

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Wash Your Hair Less

“Extending the life of your highlights starts in the shower. Over-washing your hair will get rid your natural oils and wash the tone out quicker – in short, the longer you can get away with not washing your hair the better. This is especially true if you’ve just applied a toner. Always leave it to settle and oxidise so your colour reaches its maximum intensity. I also recommend washing your hair in warm – not piping hot – water. The warmer the water, the quicker the colour leaves the cuticle. Likewise, using a clarifying shampoo or a cheap, shop-owned brand will wash the colour out a lot quicker.” – Francesca Dixon, creative colour director at Haris

Look To Glossing Treatments

“Glossing products are becoming more popular, and for good reason. By adding shine to your hair, they can boost your colour in between salon appointments. What’s so great about them is they can help you hit refresh without all the fuss. Think of them like a coloured conditioner.” Josh Wood, celebrity colourist

Use Heat Protectors

“It sounds simple but using a heat protector is essential. This is always important, but especially after the first week of colouring your hair. Hot tools – like hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs – speed up the process of fading, whereas a heat protector will act as a good barrier and stop your colour evaporating. Also, shampoos and conditioners with in-built tints will keep your colour going for longer – especially if you’re a redhead or brunette.” – Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador at Headmasters 

Clean Your Hair Before You Dye It

“This may sound like an odd one, but you should always use a clarifying shampoo before your colour appointment to remove any product build up at the root, so it doesn’t act as a barrier for the colour or dye. Doing this will make a huge difference to how long it lasts after your appointment – trust me. Also, if you’re a blonde, using a silver shampoo at home once every few weeks will make a huge difference to your colour by keeping yellow tones at bay.” – Francesca


Don’t Overuse Shampoo

“Looking after your colour at home is all about balance. If you overuse a purple shampoo to counteract yellowness, it can go the other way and cause the hair to become flatter and ashier. This then gives the hair a darker and less vibrant appearance, so try to use a shampoo like this only when you need it. As far as shampoos go, I recommend buying a sulphate-free one as these never strip or dull the hair.” – Francesca 

Check The Ingredients List

“The ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner make a big difference to how long your colour will last. It’s key to avoid any products that include parabens and sulphates as these ingredients will strip the hair. Instead, you want to find nourishing formulas and products that promise to prolong and enhance your colour so you’re maintaining the radiance of any highlights. Always check the ingredients label before you purchase anything.” – Josh 

Stock Up On These Essentials

“Keeping your hair nourished is always worth doing, but even more so if you colour it. Treatments like Olaplex will strengthen and hydrate the hair, which will then impact the vividness of your colour and ensure it looks healthy. Even the occasional mask will help keep your shade and tone looking good. I rate both Kérastase and Pureology treatments, too. I also think shower filters are worth every penny. The water in England is harsh, but a filter will soften it right down, meaning less stripping of your hair and colour – the one by Hello Klean is brilliant.” – Francesca

Invest In The Right Dry Shampoo

“If you’re on a budget, a tinted dry shampoo is just as effective at disguising roots. The Color Wow Palette is one of my favourite products to blend and even out tone, while also lending a bit of volume at the root, which is essential for disguising any colour that’s growing out.” – Francesca


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