How To Treat & Repair Summer-Scorched Hair
How To Treat & Repair Summer-Scorched Hair

How To Treat & Repair Summer-Scorched Hair

Chlorine, sea water, UV rays… So many things can affect the strength and health of your hair over the
summer. And if yours could do with some TLC, there are plenty of ways to bring it back from the
brink. Here, five experts share their advice…

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Use Conditioner Before Shampoo

“For extremely damaged, brittle hair, try using a conditioner before your shampoo. This will prevent further breakage as you wash. A rich conditioner – like Kérastase Soin Premier Thérapiste – contains amino acids to work on the most frazzled strands and repair any internal damage. After a few minutes, emulsify and rinse before following up with a strengthening shampoo.” – Darren Fowler, Kérastase expert & founder of Fowler35 salon

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

“Brushing your hair when it’s wet will only cause more damage. Try combing a conditioner through your hair immediately after you’ve washed it to bind the product right into the hair shaft – the smoothness of the formula will mean you’re less likely to pull or snag your hair as you go. Look for products containing proteins as well, as these will strengthen the hair from the root and promote better growth. The same goes for drying your hair after you wash it. Avoid any vigorous towel-drying as this can cause further damage to the cuticle. Instead, loosely wrap your hair in a towel and leave it to dry naturally.” – Ken O’Rourke, celebrity hair stylist & Charles Worthington ambassador

Up The Ante On Masks

“If you can, apply a hair mask every time you shampoo, then finish with a small amount of
conditioner to seal it in. You can give instant mask treatments a try too – there are plenty available, including sprays that won’t weigh your hair down. Likewise, it’s important not to wash your hair every single day – if you are using the right, nourishing products you won’t need to. In fact, too much washing can lead to your scalp and hair drying out.” – Paul Edmonds, A-list stylist & Shu Uemura Art of Hair ambassador

Ditch Any Sulphates

“Formulations with mild surfactants are fine, but sulphates and parabens can strip your hair of moisture, so try to use products that are free from both. If you colour your hair, make sure you use products that will protect it. Our Rich Cleanse product uses a protecting quinoa complex which gives hair a hefty dose of nourishment.” – Sam McKnight, A-list hairdresser & founder of Hair By Sam McKnight

Steer Clear Of Heat

“It sounds obvious, but try to cut back on heat styling if you want to bring your hair back to life. Put the hairdryer down and try to air dry it a bit more. It’s a small tweak but it will make a big difference. When you do heat style it, try to use tools that are clever with their technology. I’m a big fan of the BaByliss Hydro Fusion with Advanced Plasma Technology – it uses a dual iconic system which hydrates the hair and eliminates frizz at the same time.” – Syd Hayes, A-list hairstylist

Focus On Certain Ingredients

“Look for strengthening and nourishing ingredients when you shop for hair products. That includes proteins and hydrating oils. The former will reinforce your hair cuticle, while oils add moisture back into the follicle, making hair more flexible and suppler. For better hair growth, it’s also important to take vitamins like biotin, which are proven to promote hair strength. Also, wear your hair down more, otherwise it can become overstretched.” – Darren

Stock Up On Buriti Oil

“One ingredient I love for deeply nourished hair is buriti oil. It’s a thick, intense oil that comes from what the Brazilians call the ‘tree of life’. It gives hair unbeatable glossiness, as well as lots of hydration. Oils in general are a brilliant remedy for bringing hair back from the brink. They help lay your hair’s cuticle flat so it looks shinier.” – Syd

Focus On Split Ends

“As well as a weekly mask treatment, look out for products that specifically cater to split ends. There are so many now – from oils to serums and deep conditioners. You only need to massage a little bit in at a time, but they’ll make a big difference to the appearance of your hair – think glossier and healthier with a softer look and feel.” – Sam McKnight

“Try using R+Co On A Cloud Baobab Oil Repair. It’s a leave-on styling mask that you splash on and brush through. It helps to rebuild broken bonds and seal hair cuticles, as well as split ends. It’s a game-changer and guaranteed to breathe life back into your hair. I love Kiehl’s Silk Groom for split ends as well – it’s so smoothing and nourishing.” – Syd

Give Glosses A Go

“Once you’ve removed any buildup on your scalp from the summer, I recommend having a gloss treatment. Not only do these boost your hair’s colour – be it natural or dyed – they add shine and moisture. There are so many at-home treatments on the market now and they’re a good quick-fix for boosting dullness.” – Pete Burkill, creative hair ambassador at Josh Wood

Finally, Look Out For Bonding Treatments

“Bonding treatments are so mainstream now. I love the Olaplex and WellaPlex treatments, both of which can be added into your colour at the salon. They stop the bonds in your hair from breaking down and also seal in moisture to prevent further frizz and fraying. You can also buy at-home bonding treatments now. A good one will keep all the bonds in your hair intact, meaning it’s able to hold onto more moisture and protein, and in turn prevent colour fade. They’re a great investment.” – Syd

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