10 Beauty Hacks This Top Make-Up Artist Swears By
10 Beauty Hacks This Top Make-Up Artist Swears By

10 Beauty Hacks This Top Make-Up Artist Swears By

Make-up artist Gemma Peace has spent years mastering her craft, picking up so many invaluable tips and tricks along the way. From why you should powder your eyelashes to the best ways to fake fuller-looking lips, here are her favourite beauty hacks of all time…
By Rebecca Hull

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Apply Powder Carefully

"To stop your powder looking too cakey, I recommend applying it with an eyeshadow brush and focusing only on the areas that need it most. Eyeshadow brushes are often softer and fluffier, so you get more even distribution of product and it looks well blended. While powder has its place, my other piece of advice is to avoid it altogether if you have dry skin. Powder clings to dry patches and exacerbates the problem."

Use Brushes Over A Blender

"If you soak your Beautyblender in water, you'll never get seamless application of foundation. In my opinion, brushes are much better. The key is to clean them regularly – I use something called isopropyl alcohol in between jobs and it cleans the bristles better than anything else. When I’m finished, my brushes are always as good as new and they provide the most seamless blend. If you are going to use a sponge, ensure it’s damp – never soggy."

I recommend lightly powdering the tip of your lashes after applying your mascara to LOCK YOUR FORMULA DOWN AND PREVENT ANY FALLOUT.

Sandwich Your Bronzer

"If you find your cream bronzers go ashy or slide around, apply your chosen one, then seal it in with a facial bronzing powder. This will lock the colour in for hours, creating a smoother-looking finish. Always use a cool-toned bronzer to shape and define your face – this helps ‘lift’ the complexion, as darker tones have a shrinking effect. If you’re looking to contour with your bronzer, know that it’s all about the brush you use. Use small brushes for detailed areas – like the nose and eye sockets – and larger brushes for your cheekbones and forehead. I love the ranges by My Kit Co and Zoeva.” 

Maximise Your Mascara

"For better volume and lash separation, hold your brush vertically and use the wand to define the lashes from the root up. Really wiggle the mascara into your upper lash line too – the ink that comes off will provide extra depth and intensity. If your mascara is too wet, leave the lid off for a few hours – you’ll find the application becomes much easier. Equally, you can also use contact lens solution to add moisture to a dry mascara."

Invest In Spoolies

"Spoolie brushes are so useful. I always keep a few handy, especially if I’m using a new mascara and I want to remove any excess product. The right ones can give you different lash effects too – either a clump-free finish or a fuller, fluttery effect. Spoolies are also great for removing product. If you smudge mascara onto the skin or eyelid, wait for it to dry and then use a spoolie to scratch the ink off very lightly – because they’re made from rubber and silicone, they’re gentler and never snag. This also means you don’t have to use micellar water, which will inevitably remove some of your other make-up."

Get Your Blush Right

"Apply your blush onto the apples of your cheeks – not too close to your nose – and blend upwards on your cheekbones to your temples. This is my ultimate blush hack as it helps to create a lifted look and softly defines your features in all the right ways."


Mix Serums & Foundations

"I love the combination of a serum and a foundation. Why? I find serums roll around far less underneath make-up and are thin in texture, providing a great base for foundation or concealer to adhere to. Mixing these two products helps with hydration, but also good glow. Just be sure to really massage your serum into your skin, let it settle for five or so minutes, then buff it into your base make-up."

Use Lip Liner Wisely

"If you want to subtly enhance your lips, use a liner that’s the same tone as your natural lip colour and gently buff this around the edges of your mouth. Once you’ve done this, apply your lipstick and blot off any excess with a tissue before using a dab of something lighter at the centre of your lip. This will reflect the light and create the illusion of fullness – especially if you use a little gloss over top."

COMBINE A SERUM WITH YOUR FOUNDATION. Mixing these two formulas HELPS WITH HYDRATION, but also good glow.

Enhance Your Eyes

"Want to get rid of red eyes? Or just make yourself look more awake? Use a cream-coloured eyeliner in your waterline. White can be too bright and unnatural, whereas cream is softer and makes the eyes appear larger and wider. A soft wash of sparkle will always boost dullness, too. Apply some with your fingers – never a brush – to ensure you get maximum pigment and don’t lose any on the bristles. Finally, if you want to do a feline flick but are nervous about getting it wrong, sketch out your shape first with a dark brown kohl pencil. It’s easier to remove than liquid liner and won’t leave behind a dark shadow should you need to take it off."

Powder Your Lashes

"If you find your mascara transfers, switch to a ‘tubing’ mascara which uses little polymers that latch onto lashes and stays there until you rinse it away with warm water. Failing that, I recommend very lightly powdering the tip of your lashes after applying your mascara. This has a thickening effect, but it also locks your mascara formula down and prevents any fallout."

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