12 Expert Tips For Longer, Fuller Lashes

12 Expert Tips For Longer, Fuller Lashes

Forget fiddly falsies – those of us who aren’t blessed with a natural flutter can give nature a helping hand with the latest beauty treatments. We spoke to Bridget O’Keeffe, make-up artist, beauty blogger and Founder of Blush + Blow, one of the capital’s hottest beauty destinations, to find out more…

If you’re desperate for longer lashes, what are your options?

Starting with the most natural, a lash tint is a great way to boost your flutter. A tint will help to naturally enhance your eyes and lengthen your lashes ever so slightly by darkening them all the way to the tips. LVL (which stands for lengthen, volumise and lift) is also a popular lash treatment in the UK – it’s essentially a natural-looking eyelash tint and curl; it’ll lift your lashes up from the root and curls the edges. If you’re after a more dramatic look, albeit higher maintenance, consider eyelash extensions. In this treatment, an extension is placed on each individual lash, giving a longer thicker look allowing you to get away with a mascara-free face that looks bright-eyed 24/7.

Are some treatments more suitable for some lash types than others?

It depends on what look you ultimately want to achieve. The treatments can be tailored according to how much curl you want, how thick you’d like the lash extensions to be, and how long. The varying options mean there’s something for everyone.

Are some more high maintenance than others?

LVL is really simple to upkeep and most people find they’ll need a top-up every six weeks or so. Lash extensions, however, require more maintenance. You’ll need to have infills every three to six weeks depending on how well you look after them – this includes using the correct eye make-up remover and mascara as well as brushing them and avoiding sleeping on your face.

Do lash treatments always tint your lashes?

Not necessarily. If you’re going for LVL lashes, there’s an option to leave your lashes un-tinted. If you’re after something subtle, the colour of the tint can also be varied so it isn’t jet black.

How long do they last?

Both LVL and lash extensions should last around six weeks.

How can you find a reputable salon?

Try looking at the websites of bigger eyelash treatment brands – they’ll have a salon finder, which will help you to find somewhere that’s been trained by the brand directly. The best one for LVL is Nouveau Lashes and for extensions, it’s Lash Perfect.

How much should you be prepared to pay?

In London, for somewhere higher-end with great therapists who’ve been trained well, anything from £80 to £100 per hour for the treatments.

Is it true lash treatments can take hours?

Yes and no. LVL should be about 45 minutes and a full set of lashes take about an hour and a half. Russian lashes – when four or so lashes are applied individually to each lash – can take around two hours.

Do things like lash serums really work or are these a waste of money?

Absolutely, the proof is in the pudding. Revitalash is incredible.

What’s the biggest mistake you see women making when getting lash extensions?

Personally, I think there’s no point getting something that looks too fake as it can actually close your eyes rather than open them up, so don’t go for anything too heavy and thick for your eye shape. Your therapist should be able to advise you on the best lashes for you. A good therapist will ask you questions such as what you look for in a mascara and whether you want your extensions to be in place of mascara (there’s a special eyelash extension mascara you can use – always try and use this where possible to protect the lashes).

Will extensions harm your natural lashes?

Only if you don’t look after your natural lashes. Don’t pull on the extensions, use oily make-up remover or try to take them off yourself.

Finally, what’s the simplest way to get better lashes?

Use a lash conditioner underneath your mascara. Like conditioner for your hair, a good one will nourish and help your lashes to grow thick and healthy. I love Chanel and Jane Iredale’s products.
LVL treatments at Blush + Blow start at £80; a half set of semi-permanent lashes starts at £85. For more information or to book an appointment visit BlushAndBlowLondon.com

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