7 Dos & Don’ts For Wearing A Bold Lipstick

Nothing beats a statement lip for instant glamour, but getting it to go the distance and look sophisticated requires a few tricks. From the importance of prep to the right textures and application techniques, we asked a couple of pros for the key dos and don’ts…

DO: Prep Your Lips First

“It sounds obvious, but you must scrub the lips and thoroughly hydrate with a balm before you reach for dark colours,” says Chanel make-up artist Zoe Taylor. “You can get rid of dry patches or flakes with a warm flannel or lip scrub using gentle, deft movements. A dry toothbrush works well too, when time is at a pinch.”

DON’T: Match Lipstick To Your Eye Colour

“It’s not wrong – there are no rules to make-up – but I wouldn’t match the colour of your lipstick to your eye make-up,” says pro MUA Kenneth Soh. “To keep it fresh, simple and modern, let a statement lip do the talking and keep your eyes make-up free. Instead, opt for subtly curled lashes and maybe just a smudge of highlighter for some extra light.”

DO: Trace Your Lips With Foundation

“I always use a little foundation over the lip line before lining them fully,” says Zoe. “This allows me to make sure I can cheat in any sides to make the lips symmetrical. It’s also a great way of adding brightness that makes lips look naturally fuller and crisper.”

DO: Use An Eyeshadow Brush To Apply Your Colour

“A statement lip doesn’t need to be overly bright. A buffed-in stain of any colour can become really bold,” explains Zoe. “The key is to create a kissed-in finish. To get this effect, apply your colour straight onto a fluffy brush – I recommend Chanel’s Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush for this. Start in the centre of the lip and buff it outwards. This is the easiest way to take on darker shades with ease, plus it’s a really flattering look.”

DON’T: Underestimate The Power Of Lip Liner

“If you’re nervous to go bold, an easy hack is to use a liner around the lips with your chosen colour,” says Kenneth. “Schmoosh the lips together after you’ve applied it. This will gently spread and blend the colour evenly. Finish it off with a light gloss for a softer, subtle alternative. It’s still statement-making without feeling too theatrical.”

DO: Take Your Colour Right To The Edges

“Avoid underlining, especially when creating a really colourful pout, as it’ll just make your lips seem much smaller than they are,” advises Zoe. “Instead, take your liner or colour right to the edge of the lips for extra definition, balanced shape and a velvety finish.”

DON’T: Overdo Your Brows Or Skin

“When using statement colours like a black, plum or dark red, keep skin soft, fresh and glowing to avoid looking goth-like,” explains Kenneth. “Gently groomed brows and a light gentle flush takes it away from costume and makes it far more wearable. If you are going to wear blush, pick one in the same colour family as your chosen lipstick, and use a light hand.”
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