9 Beauty Hacks To Ensure Your Make-Up Lasts All Day

9 Beauty Hacks To Ensure Your Make-Up Lasts All Day

It's a shame when you've spent time putting your make up on in the morning to then see it run, or completely disappear, by 3pm. Thankfully, there are things you can do to counteract the afternoon melt. From the benefits of long-stay gel liners, to why you should dampen your make up brushes before using them, here are some helpful pro tips to ensure your look goes the distance…

Prime Your Complexion 

“Instead of prepping your face with a primer, try using skincare as your base,” advises Zoe. “A firm favourite among industry insiders is Sarah Chapman’s Liquid Facial. It gives skin a great glow while ridding dead skin cells and surface grime, resulting in a smooth complexion that’s ready for base make-up to stick to. There are other options on the market, but this has always helped mine and my client’s make-up to stay flawless for longer, as well as lending the skin a bright, radiant effect.”


Recognise The Benefits Of Oil

“Oil locks in moisture and hydration, therefore ensuring a long-wear base will go further without any flaking,” explains Zoe. “The key is how much you use: use the most minimal amount possible to prevent any product slip. Try mixing just a few drops of your favourite facial oil with your base, buffing the two together. You’ll find that sheering out your base like this will help it  adhere to your skin, as a thick layer of foundation will just slide off. You’ll also have a dewy, luminous finish that looks healthy and hydrated.”


Powder Like A Pro

“If you want to set your eye concealer so you don’t get wrinkling or movement of product, use loose powder, never pressed,” explains global make-up artist, Sir John. “The latter is too heavy and dry; it will end up ageing you. But with a loose one, you can use it with a brush to go in with a light dusting, just to prevent any slippage. Be sure to use it sparingly, and only to areas that get oily, like the T-zone and eyelids.” 


Curate Your Tools 

“Having the right tools to hand is vital, especially when it comes to eyeshadow application,” says make-up master, Cher Webb. “Your brush selection is key, too. Go for firm, medium-size heads and avoid any that are too soft or bushy. You want flat and firm, like My Kit Co’s My Shade & Shadow Brush. Load the brush with plenty of product and literally press the brush head onto the lids rather than in a sweeping motion. This will prevent any fallout and enable you to layer your shadows, instantly giving them longevity. Another affordable option is Zoeva’s 222 Luxe All Over Shade Brush - it gives amazing coverage and is so easy to use.”


Dampen Your Brushes First

“If you find your eyeshadow texture fades and loses impact, try wetting your brush pre-application,” says Cher. “A light spritz of the MAC Fix Plus Spray on the brush head will dampen the texture and of an eyeshadow and it will have a magnet effect, drawing in all of the colour pigment and helping it to stay put. It works especially well on baked or metallic shadow formulas.”

Layer Your Products 

“A trick all make-up artists swear by is to apply a cream eyeshadow, then go in on top with a powder one,” adds Zoe. “Not only does this give more of a multi-dimensional effect, it makes the colour stand out and prevents any creasing because everything is locked down. Make sure you really blend the powder in with fingers or a brush for maximum longevity.”


Invest In Gel Eyeliners 

“If you want long-lasting eyeliner, always use a gel formula, like Chanel’s Calligraphie de Chanel. It’s such a deep black that gives depth and inky definition,” says Zoe. “I then set it on the lids with a black or brown eyeshadow, like NYX’s Matte Black. It may sound simple, but layering these two formulas really helps eye make-up last well into the night with no smudging or product fall-out.”


Opt For Cream-Based Products 

“The secret to long-wear is to use oily, waxy textures,” Sir John points out. “Think cream blushers, cream bronzers – you don’t want anything that’s going to powder up and cake, never a good look and it won’t last as well. Plus, nothing is as pretty or youthful as a cream blush. Wherever you have the most volume when you smile is ‘the apple’ and that’s exactly where you should be using blush to warm your face up.”


Don’t Forget Your Lips

“People often forget that lips need priming too, especially if you want your pigment to last,” says make-up artist and beauty editor, Zoe Taylor. “Try Tinker Taylor’s Lip Care kit – it has a scrub, lip oil and balm to really whip them into shape. Leave the balm on for some time to absorb while you do your make-up - this will really help to lock in moisture and keep your colour going for longer.”


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