Are You Making These Bronzing Mistakes?

Every girl’s desert island beauty product, the right bronzer can enhance facial features and create a youthful glow. But in between using the wrong tools and reaching for an unflattering hue, could you be making one of the seven cardinal bronzing sins? Keep reading to discover mistakes you could be making when it comes to your bronzer...

1. Choosing The Wrong Undertones

The point of using bronzer is to add colour to the complexion in a natural way – anything too orange-based will look unnatural. Instead, opt for a formula with red or brown undertones, shades that exist in a true tan for the most natural, straight-from-the-tropics glow. Unsure of the best hue for your skin? Try swatching your go-to bronzer on your inner arm – it should look like a deeper shade of your own skin tone and should be more on the neutral side rather than orange.

2. An Over-Zealous Application

While you might get away with a light veil of bronzer, an authentic bronzed look is all about targeted application. For a sun-kissed effect, grab a blusher brush and dust product where rays would naturally hit – the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the centre of your chin and on your temples. For a more contoured look, hit the sides of your forehead, underneath your cheekbones, jawline and just under your chin. Also follow the golden rule and never just apply to your face – remember to cover your neck and chest as well.

3. Opting For Unsuitable Formulas

While a powder bronzer will work for the majority of skin types, more mature complexions or those prone to dryness may be better off with a cream formula. If you haven’t yet tried Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel, take it from us – it’s a make-up artist must-have for a reason. The genius cream-gel bronzer works well under and over foundation and its buildable formula makes it perfect if you’re more of a contouring kind of girl.

4. Using Mismatched Tools

Even if you’ve found the perfect bronzer, if you’re using the wrong brush to apply it – such as one that’s thick and dense – it’s possible you’re sabotaging your glow game. Stiffer brushes tend to grab a lot of product in one go, meaning they won’t apply evenly or blend smoothly. The ideal brush for applying bronzer is one that’s fluffy and super-soft – we love Trish McEvoy’s Bronzer Brush.

5. Being Too Hasty

However pushed for time you are in the morning, try to wait a couple of minutes after applying your foundation before brushing on bronzer. Why? When powder bronzers are applied on damp skin, you can get a streaky result. If you’re in a rush, you can speed up the process by dusting on a touch of translucent powder before applying bronzer for a streak-free finish.

6. Applying In Artificial Light

Blending is the key to any good make-up application and that commandment has never been truer in the case of bronzer. Keep in mind that what looks fine and well-blended in your bathroom mirror can totally change gears once you get outside in natural light. Our top tip? Always do your make-up in a well-lit room to avoid unwanted surprises.

7. Using A Shade That’s Too Dark

Still unsure of the right shade for your skin? Make like the pros and never go more than two shades darker than your skin tone – anything deeper than that will make your complexion look muddy, not sun-kissed.

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