My Most Asked Beauty Questions, With Make-Up Master Bobbi Brown

My Most Asked Beauty Questions, With Make-Up Master Bobbi Brown

In this new series, we ask top industry insiders to answer the questions they’re asked most often. From the correct way to use mascara to the order in which to apply your products, make-up master and founder of EVOLTION_18, Bobbi Brown is here to kick things off…
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Question #1: How Can You Conceal Pores Using Make-Up?

Bobbi’s Answer: Hydrating the skin with the correct moisturiser is key for this. Look for creams that are non-comedogenic (designed not to clog pores) with lightweight, gel textures. It’s also important you stick with these formulas at night, too, so that nothing sinks into your pores and gets stuck there. As for make-up, tinted moisturisers are my go-to. Skip any long-wear foundations, too, as they are quite drying, and can emphasise the look of large, open pores. 

Question #2: What’s The Best Way To Apply Highlighter?

Bobbi’s Answer: Highlighter should be used on the areas you want to enhance or bring to the forefront. The easiest way to think of it is to imagine where the sun hits your face – this is where you want to apply your product. So, the top of your cheekbones, your eyelids, bridge of the nose and on your chest and neck – especially if you’re wearing something that shows off this area. 

Question #3: Is There A Way To Hide Under Eye Darkness?

Bobbi’s Answer: There is no one-size-fits-all under-eye concealer. It’s important to pay attention to your hydration levels and how you feel generally. If you’re tired, your skin is probably quite dry and you need to be using more creams and serums as a result – think thin formulas that penetrate the skin for optimum hydration. As for concealing, the same thing goes – creamy formulas every time. Look for a shade that is lighter than your skin tone as this will have a brightening and widening effect. Then, use your ring finger or a lightweight brush to apply it directly underneath your eye in a gentle patting motion. If you feel it still doesn’t look bright enough, use one in a pinky or peach tone on top of regular concealer. Take the same patting motion for a natural, luminous finish.

Question #4: Should You Be Applying Blush A Certain Way?

Bobbi’s Answer: The best – and most simplistic – way to apply blush is directly on the apples of your cheeks. Smile and apply it with a big, fluffy, round brush, blending up into the hairline and around your temple. Never stop buffing – make sure it’s all blended for a seamless finish. As for choosing a colour, look out for ones that mimic the natural flush of your cheeks. For extra brightness, add a lighter colour on top, too. 

Question #5: Is There A Correct Order In Which To Apply Your Make-Up?

Bobbi’s Answer: It’s important you do follow an order to prevent pilling or streaking of your make-up. Always start with your SPF and moisturiser, really working these into the skin so they are fully absorbed. Next up is your foundation and concealer – either can be applied first as they are usually of the same consistency. Go in with your eyebrows, eyeshadow and liner next, then finish with mascara. This way, no eyeshadow falls onto your lashes. Lips are always last.

Question #5: How Can You Get More Out Of Mascara & Prevent It Smudging?

Bobbi’s Answer: Always use an inky, jet-black mascara – even if you have blonde eyelashes. In general, mascara should be thick and layered – everyone can get away with that. The top line should be more intense, while the bottom should have just a subtle coating. To get the most out of your wand, take the brush out of its tube and make sure you load it up with product. Dab your wand onto a tissue if there’s too much. Apply from underneath your lash line and gently roll upwards. Don’t ever put mascara on the topside of your lashes or it will drag the eye downwards. Apply two more coats before the mascara sets fully. If your mascara often smudges, it’s probably because you have too much eye cream on, or naturally oily lids. To prevent this, apply a powder shadow before your mascara. This will help keep any oiliness or slipping at bay.

Question #7: What’s The Best Way To Know Which Shades Will Suit You?

Bobbi’s Answer: People always ask: what colours are right for me? The problem is, it’s so much about your individual style and what you like. For me, that’s so important with make-up – go with your gut and instinct as nobody knows your face as well as you do. My best advice for make-up and wellness? The better you feel, the better you look.

Question #8: Do You Really Need To Clean Make-Up Tools Often & If So, How?

Bobbi’s Answer: Yes, you do. You can keep your beauty tools pretty clean after each use by just giving them a simple wipe down. It takes ten seconds and is key for ensuring there’s no bacteria build up – it can impact your skin greatly. Try to aim for a thorough clean of everything (including your make-up bag) once a month or as often as is needed. You’ll know when your brushes need it as they become stiff and coated. Use gentle formulas like baby shampoo to wash your tools. Rinse them thoroughly and always let them air dry – never massage them with a towel as this can disrupt the brushes fibres.

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