Product Spotlight: Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliners
Product Spotlight: Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliners

Product Spotlight: Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliners

Fans of Victoria Beckham Beauty often say the Satin Kajal Liners are the standout product. Creamy, easy to blend and with a glossy, long-lasting finish, they’re pretty foolproof and come in a variety of colours that are all rich and sophisticated – offering a grown-up alternative to traditional black. Here’s why we think they’re worth a place in your make-up bag.
By Rebecca Hull

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The Cult Status Explained…

After Victoria Beckham Beauty launched in 2019, the Satin Kajal Liners became an instant hit. Creamy, deeply pigmented and long-wearing, they’re designed with ease of use and minimal fuss in mind. Like everything in the range, they don’t require any particular skill or precision – just your ring finger and a mirror. Even if you do make a mistake, they never leave behind stubborn stains and are easy to blend out with just a small amount of concealer. Initially, the brand launched with just a few shades, but now there are eight – ranging from metallic silver, to bronze, navy and olive. You’ll even find a white pencil in the line-up, to give your eyes an instant lift and some subtle definition.

Why Insiders Swear By Them…

Top make-up artists including Fiona Stiles, Ruby Hammer MBE and Lisa Potter-Dixon swear by these liners, with Lisa often claiming they are the best she’s tried. Why? It’s all about the texture: “It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever tried,” she says. “They’re blendable, but the pigment is incredibly rich and strong, so that even when you blend them out, you get a beautifully intense look that doesn’t look watered down – put simply, they’re stunning.” The smoothness of the pencils comes down to ingredients like vitamin B5 (panthenol), chamomile extract and vitamin E, all of which promote a smoother glide with zero tugging.

Satin Kajal Liner is the most VERSATILE product in my make-up bag. The CREAMY formula glides on effortlessly so I can achieve whatever eye look I’m in the mood for: a little flick, a lived-in look or a smudged-out smokey SMOULDER. Once it’s set, it doesn’t budge all day – it’s literally SUMMER-PROOF!
Victoria Beckham

How To Get The Most Out Of The Liners…

Usually, there’s only so much you can do with eyeliner, but Victoria’s Beckham’s liners were created with versatility in mind. Incredibly creamy, you can use them to create several looks – be it tightlining, a soft smokey eye or subtle feline flicks. Make-up artist Jessica Kell explains: “They can be drawn on like a liquid liner and smudged out with plenty of play time before they set. Alternatively, buff them out all over your eyelids for a more defined effect. Likewise, a little on the waterline – both the top and bottom – will open up the eye. Whether you want something subtle or impactful, you’ll find them easy to work with – and never irritating or drying.” They come with an in-built smudger, too, which allows you to diffuse and blend the colour on the go.

What The Brand & Victoria Beckham Says…

Few eyeliners have the same buzz as the VB Satin Kajal. With one now selling every minute, the brand believes their versatility is what sets them apart. "Soft, creamy and waterproof, the formula never fades, transfers, creases or flakes – until you want to take it off. There are endless ways to use them, and they allow for a little play time so you can smudge and smoke to your heart's content. Fans love that they can be worn as an everyday look, or used to create a bolder finish. It's the one product in the range we receive endless DMs for, requesting new shades," a spokesperson for the brand explains. 

As for Victoria Beckham herself, she loves that they've evolved with newer colours that steer away from traditional black: "I love to experiment with colour. You see it in my fashion line. Mixing unexpected colours to create different palettes has become part of my brand DNA. I look at the Satin Kajal Liners through the same lens. For example, our 'Olive' liner was inspired by a dress in my line. That specific shade of green was so powerful, and it flattered everyone who tried it on – which is essential for all the colours in my range. With the Kajal Liners, we've worked hard to create colours that are impactful, yet subtle enough to be sophisticated alternatives to traditional brown and black." 

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