My Beauty World: Jeanne Damas
My Beauty World: Jeanne Damas

My Beauty World: Jeanne Damas

As a French designer, model and owner of Les Filles en Rouje, it’s safe to say Jeanne Damas has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all things beauty – not to mention a sound knowledge of what is and isn’t worth the money. Here, she shares her best skincare advice, her top haircare rules and the products she wouldn’t be without…
By Rebecca Hull

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Skincare Tips

“From a young age my mother taught me the importance of wearing SPF – particularly on my face. I’ve also never sunbathed in the middle of the day. It all sounds so obvious, but it’s so important."

Most Used Product

“My signature Lip Palette is my most used product. I love mixing the shades with my finger and applying them directly onto my lips and cheeks. It always gives a softly diffused effect that’s very much my go-to look.”

Morning Rituals

“For years I’ve woken up and made sure I drink water straight away. We get so dehydrated as we sleep, so I’ve always tried to drink half a bottle in the morning to reinvigorate myself. I’ll then cleanse with my new Phased Facial Cleanse. It’s gentle but removes all traces of dirt and make-up. Another morning ritual I swear by is to use a toner. I love applying the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence after I’ve cleansed – it just seals in an extra layer of hydration and glow. Hydration is essential in my routine, both internally and externally."

Hair Rules

“I wash my hair as little as possible – the more days I leave in between, the better my hair quality gets over time. It also looks cooler and has a lived-in feel that’s more effortless. To keep it looking clean, I mist in Klorane’s Dry Shampoo – nothing compares. I have created the perfect serum to give all hair types a nice texture – almost as if you’ve just got out of bed. We will launch the haircare line at Les Filles en Rouje later this spring, so watch this space. Right now, though, I love the products by Delphine Courteille – her almond shampoo is so good for boosting shine.”


Effective Treatments

“Luckily, she’s based in France, but I would travel anywhere for one of Joëlle Ciocco’s facials. They are the best – you always leave with an incredible glow thanks to her intense massage. Her spa is the best.”

French Beauty Lessons

“Less is more, both for make-up and skincare. I used to have hormonal acne after coming off the pill and it’s only after I went back to a really simple routine that my skin recovered. You have to let your skin work for itself. I also recommend natural products that don’t use aggravating ingredients, like fragrances or synthetics.”

Top Shelf Staples

“You’ll always find Augustinus Bader’s Face Cream Mask, Sunday Riley products, Rudolph Care Sun Face Cream SPF50 and my Les Filles en Rouje Face Palette and Facial Oil on my top shelf. Everyone should use an oil to massage their skin at home. It’s the simplest way to boost radiance at this time of year.”

Beauty Shopping

“I love the selection of products at Oh My Cream and it’s finally opening its doors in the UK. It’s something of a pioneer in clean beauty in France and only stocks natural products that are kind to your skin. I love browsing the selection – it’s so well curated. Plus, the team has so much good advice to offer.”

Make-Up Rules

“I don’t necessarily have hard and fast rules when it comes to make-up, but I like to have a bit of contrast. For instance, I would always wear a naked eye with a bold red lip and then a rich smokey eye with a muted lip. It’s all about balance – if you can get it right, it looks so much cooler.”

Favourite Icons

“When it comes to beauty icons, I love Penelope Cruz and Monica Bellucci. They’ve definitely influenced me over the years – they’re very feminine and strong. I also like Paz de la Huerta for her rock ’n’ roll vibe and Sofia Coppola for her class.”



The Les Filles En Rouje Story

“We launched Les Filles en Rouje in 2022. Over the years, I picked up on what women wanted from their products. Working with endless make-up artists, I adopted tricks from them and saw what formulas worked with what. It was always my dream to launch a range of my own that was all about simplicity and instinct. Nothing in the line-up hides or transforms your natural features, and that’s what sets us apart.”

Final Beauty Advice

“Beauty is about more than just your looks. Beauty is in the way you talk, behave and carry yourself – these things are individual and unique to us, so it’s key to take note of what we have to offer. It’s so important to embrace yourself.”

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