My Skincare Routine: Stella Simona

My Skincare Routine: Stella Simona

It’s not just Stella Simona’s impeccable complexion which has won her thousands of followers on Instagram, it’s also her sound advice on all things skin – so who better to share her own beauty routine? From her go-to oils and serums to why you should never over complicate things, here she reveals how she gets such good glow – including the brands she swears by.

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For me, my morning skincare routine is all about simplicity. My complexion is already fresh and clean from the night before, so I don’t like to go overboard and strip my skin. The key focus is as much hydration as possible, as well as protection that will set me up for the day ahead.

Mists and serums are my go-to. I always begin with the Laneige Cream Mist as it preps the skin for everything that follows. I’ll then follow up by patting my skin with a good silky serum – lately, I’ve been loving the Hanacure Nano Emulsion Serum and also the Symbiome Reparative Serum

I love to use a nourishing oil in my morning routine. Once I’ve finished layering up my serums, I’ll always follow up with an oil. My go-to right now is Taila’s Prana Facial Oil, but I’ve been loving Supernal Cosmic Glow, as well. This one is so good it made onto my Instagram feed with a rave review. It’s the silkiest oil my skin has ever touched – great if you’re looking for an oil that’s not too thick or greasy. Once these steps are complete, I’ll always finish with a moisturiser that contains SPF to lock everything in and keep me protected throughout the day – my favourite is from Innisfree, the Daily UV Defense, SPF36

Exfoliation is an absolute must at least once a week. Aside from removing dry and dead skin, exfoliating regularly increases the skin’s radiance, clarity and youthfulness. When done correctly, exfoliation unclogs pores, prevents acne, allows other skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, evens your skin tone, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, and increases cell turnover. I use the Ranavat Facial Polish Imperial Glow weekly before hopping into the shower. I look forward to the luxurious feeling of the balm transforming into a milky creamy facial polish every time.

A good routine for my body first thing is just as important. Like my face, I love to hydrate my body and give myself a good morning massage to wake myself up. I start with a body serum – like Boscia’s Peptide Youth – then an oil, like the Davines formula Oi Oil. Once this is all applied, I finish with a nice thick cream, currently I’m using Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil. Once I’ve layered everything up, I’ll use a planing tool to massage the formulas into my skin and relieve my muscles of any unwanted tension. 

My routine takes on a more detailed approach at night. I love to double cleanse before bed to really get any product, dirt and debris off my skin and out of my pores. The two I use on rotation are the Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse and Macrene Actives High Performance Cleanser. They work well together and leave your skin feeling and looking so smooth. 

Masks are key for locking in moisture at night. I love Lesse’s Bioactive Face Mask and usually leave it on for a set amount of time before following up with Circumference Active Botanical Refining Toner. These two products prep my skin nicely for the serums that follow – either Decorte’s Moisture Lipsome formula or Dr Barbara Sturm’s Night Serum. Finally, if I need it, I’ll layer on a rich, heavy cream, or keep my mask on for a dose of consistent moisture. 

Change is sometimes important. Most evenings, my routine is the same, but I do like to switch the brands around to freshen things up. Mixing in new items is important to cater to my skin’s concerns and ever-changing needs. 

Dryness is my biggest issue before bed. The skin on my body always struggles with dryness in the evening, so I never neglect moisturising it. I hit repeat on my AM routine and apply the same Boscia Serum, but I follow up with a richer oil for deeper nourishment – I love the UMM Body Oil. Finally, I finish by layering on a thick cream that doesn’t cause greasiness or stick to my sheets. My favourite for night-time is Nivea’s Body Lotion – affordable but so effective.

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