The New Blue Light Skin-Protecting Mist We Love

The New Blue Light Skin-Protecting Mist We Love

It’s not just the sun’s rays that contribute to premature ageing. HEV light – the blue light emitted by our digital devices – can be harmful too. In fact, studies show it's as damaging to your skin as UVA and UVB combined. While your skin may not get ‘burnt’ after a day of staring at your screen, HEV causes serious damage that’s invisible to the naked eye, causing uneven pigmentation and impaired barrier function. The good news is there are some topical remedies that can help. SUSANNE KAUFMANN’S new facial mist not only protects your skin – it also seriously hydrates while reducing inflammation and uneven pigmentation. Here’s why we love it…


Why It’s So Popular:

It’s now widely accepted that blue light is one of skin’s biggest stressors. The lights emitted from our phones, computers and screens can penetrate deep into our skin, without us even knowing it. The result? Collagen and elastin breakdown, as well as accelerated ageing. While beauty brands appear to be catching on, many products don’t provide the same level of instant gratification as SUSANNE KAUFMANN’S new Blue Light Defence & Moisturising Mist. Designed to soothe, protect and soften skin in a single spritz, there are numerous ways to use it – you can even use it to set your make-up. The silky formula adds to the luxurious feel, while the fresh scent offers sensorial experience like no other. No wonder industry insiders love it.

What It Does:

The average person spends more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen, and it was for that reason that SUSANNE KAUFMANN chose to launch a product that was easy to use throughout the day. The Blue Light Defence & Moisturising Mist provides a protective layer over skin by using a blend of hydrating, anti-ageing ‘Ectoin’, and ‘Q10’, while added butterfly bush flower extract works to reduce redness and inflammation. It's also one of few ingredients that are proven to protect skin from blue light, so you know you're in safe hands with this inclusion. Keep one on your desk and another in your bag so you can hit refresh as and when. 

"I wanted to create the perfect solution to protect skin from the harmful blue light emitted from our electronic devices. This hydrating mist, infused with powerful natural ingredients, offers a protective shield and reduces redness and pigmentation, while providing youthful benefits."
Susanne Kaufmann

Who It’s For:

Because the formula is so gentle and soothing, all skin types can use it with confidence. Essential for those left staring at screens all day, it’s also a must-have for those who want to get a head start on preventing the early signs of ageing.

How To Use It:

After you’ve cleansed your skin, mist it generously over your face, neck and chest. Once the formula has settled, follow up with your usual moisturiser and eye cream. To get more from the mist, try tapping on Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Rescue Stick. The two work well in tandem to cool the skin and take down inflammation. Extra points for the cooling roller ball applicator that allows for no contact – just like the mist – so you never tug or pull at your skin as you apply it. Both products are ideal if you’re often on-the-go, but still want speedy gratification. As for the spray, you can try spritzing it over your make-up, or to simply hit refresh throughout the day – it works well to set everything into place without any stickiness, just a soft, dewy glow. Once you’ve finished your bottle, make sure you recycle it as it’s made from 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Materials). 

Key Benefits Recapped:

  • Protects against blue light

  • Protects from infrared rays

  • 100% PCR bottle

  • Reduces redness & pigmentation

  • Promotes collagen production

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