The New Coach Fragrance We Love
The New Coach Fragrance We Love

The New Coach Fragrance We Love

Coach is known for its luxury, leather fashion accessories, but its fragrances stand out, too. A warm, floral scent with unisex appeal, the brand's latest launch – Wild Rose – is evocative of long, lazy summer afternoon. It also stands out in a crowded market. Here’s what to expect…

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The Coach Fragrance Background…

Coach was founded in 1941 but it wasn’t until 2016 that creative director Stuart Vevers decided to launch a fragrance line. Each one is designed to be a modern take on traditionally fruity florals – but never sickly or too sweet. Instead, the scents are well balanced and full of warm, musky notes – making them unique in a crowded market.

What To Expect From ‘Wild Rose’…

An addictive, sun-drenched blend of rose, jasmine combines with warming bergamot and amber for a scent that conjures up images of long summer days. Not too heady or sweet, Wild Rose is perfect for the season ahead – just a few spritzes will leave you feeling refreshed. Its longevity is impressive too – you'll find you smell this on your skin for days after application. We love the underlying creaminess it has too.


Wild Rose captures the FREE-SPIRITED attitude of Coach. BOLD and sensual, it evokes the BEAUTY of fields and wildflowers.
Coach creative director, Stuart Vevers

Who It’s For…

Those who love a musky floral will enjoy this uplifting, powdery scent. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new fragrance, or simply want something a bit different for summer, Coach’s latest addition won't disappoint.

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