London’s Leading Aesthetic Doctor Shares His Story & Skincare Secrets
London’s Leading Aesthetic Doctor Shares His Story & Skincare Secrets

London’s Leading Aesthetic Doctor Shares His Story & Skincare Secrets

With so many self-declared experts in the field, it can be tricky to find an aesthetics doctor you can trust. One who gets the SL seal of approval is Dr David Jack – who has more than 15 years of experience and a new Belgravia clinic to his name. We sat down with him to chat injectables, cutting-edge non-surgical procedures and the importance of an inside-out approach to skin health.
By Tor West


When it comes to aesthetics, my personal philosophy is less is more. Over the years, I’ve built up a reputation for doing things in a discreet and tasteful way – I focus on injectables to restore and reverse changes in muscle dynamics that naturally happen over time, and over the years I’d say I’ve become more conservative with the amount of Botox I use. I'm all about delivering natural results. When you use Botox or filler to create something new, that’s when it starts to look overdone – it could be creating cheekbones or a stronger jawline. But if it doesn’t work for your face, it’ll look obvious. Clients come to me for subtle injectables. The overwhelming majority say they want to look good for their age – not necessarily younger, just like the best, rested version of themselves. 

That's why injectables should always be bespoke. Aesthetics is big business, and there are more doctors than ever before offering injectables, which means there’s a real division between those who are well established and newcomers who don’t have as much experience. Be wary of dentists and nurse practitioners offering injectables. If you don’t assess the face in a three-dimensional way, taking into account volume and muscle change, Botox can sometimes look discordant. 

My clients don’t necessarily want to look younger, just like the BEST, RESTED VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

Plastic surgery opened my eyes to the world of aesthetics. I specialised in plastic surgery in the NHS for eight years in Glasgow before moving down to London, where I was based at the Chelsea and Westminster. Aside from cosmetic surgery, aesthetics is the most creative side of medicine and one I’ve always been fascinated by – using your creative eye to create an entirely bespoke treatment. During my time with the NHS, I specialised in burns, hand surgery and surgical dermatology, but always felt like my creativity was suppressed. 

Skin is high on my hit-list. In 2014, I resigned from the NHS, and ended up working part-time on plastic surgeries, but I was also working on a clinic in Knightsbridge offering injectables. I had the clinic for a year, before moving to Harley Street eight years ago. Fast forward nearly a decade, and the new David Jack clinic in Belgravia is taking a new approach to aesthetics – think combination treatments and an emphasis on skin health for optimum results. Skin maintenance is a huge part of aesthetics and one that’s often overlooked – it’s not all about injectables. Looking after your skin and using the right ingredients are both so important. 


When it comes to anti-ageing, there’s a place for filler. We lose volume from the bony prominences of the faces first – think the cheekbones, the lower part of the face, jawline and temples. Subtle filler in these areas can lift the face and restore youth. It’s important not to inject too superficially, which can give the skin a pearlescent look – a tell-tale sign of poor filler. 

Every second patient I see gets Profhilo. It’s a great gateway injectable. Made from hyaluronic acid, it offers instant hydration and kickstarts collagen and elastin production in the following three to six months. It’s a fantastic treatment for an instant boost of hydration and subtle results. The Egyptian Facial – which includes dermaplaning, a facial peel and vitamin treatment – is another popular treatment. It instantly brightens, softens and smooths the skin, making it a perfect pre-party treatment.  

Morpheus 8 is an exciting treatment. Combining microneedling with radiofrequency, it’s one of the world’s most advanced non-surgical skin-tightening treatments designed to lift the skin while also improving skin laxity and texture. What sets it apart from other forms of micro-needling is that the pins are gold-coated, which means they’re insulated, so there is very minimal surface effect and minimal downtime. It also penetrates the skin up to 4mm, which means it can break down fat – ideal for areas like under the chin or certain areas of the body. It’s fantastic for treating crepe-y skin, under the arms, above the knees and post-pregnancy stomachs. It does have a reputation for being painful but that’s because the majority of clinics don’t use the right numbing cream, or if they do, not for long enough. Two treatments a month is ideal, with a third around six months later. 

Body treatments are having a moment. Aqualyx is becoming increasing popular. These fat-dissolving injections break down localised fat cells and destroy them permanently to provide a smoother, more contoured appearance. Profilho is also great for the body, and can augment the results of Morpheus 8 when used together. 

Korea is a hub for skincare innovation. At the Belgravia clinic, we have a facial bar that offers Korean-inspired facials, providing Harley Street-grade treatments in an accessible format. The Hands Only Facial uses Korean Golki sculpting massage to drain toxins and reduce puffiness, while the Korean Glass Skin Facial uses a micro-peel, deep cleanse, bubble mask and LED to nourish, bolster the skin barrier and supercharge hydration for plump radiance. Facials that incorporate lymphatic drainage are popular for a reason – they guarantee results in both the short and long term. 


We take a holistic approach to health. Good skin starts from within, which is why we’ve brought together people at the top of their game to offer both medical and nutritional advice. If you can’t get an appointment with me, book in with Izabela, who has over 20 years’ experience and is passionate about body rejuvenation. At the Belgravia clinic, you’ll also find Dr Jo Mennie, who has a PhD in women’s health and, as well as offering aesthetics, is available for fertility and pregnancy health consultations. You’ll also find Andy Daly, a nutritional therapist who specialises in weight loss, IBS and hormone health; Dr Charlotte Gribbin, an aesthetic physician with an interest in mum and baby health; and Dr Brendan Khong, a world-renowned expert in the field of male aesthetics. The idea is that all the experts are here under one roof, covering skin and body health.

Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. The skincare market can be overwhelming – even if you are a beauty junkie. We all live increasingly busy lives and, at the end of the day, we need a streamlined routine that’s intuitive and simple to use without compromising on active ingredients. It took years to formulate the David Jack skincare range as I wanted the very best (and strongest) actives in a limited number of products. Our head formulator is from South Korea, so the formulas are advanced in their tech – as well as bespoke to the brand. 

SPF is essential. Not only will it protect your skin from future damage, but when paired with the right ingredients will improve skin health for better ageing. The All Day Long SPF50 is the most innovative product in the range – it took years to formulate. Anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it protects against UV and blue light while enhancing cell repair, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing skin firmness. 

Facials that incorporate lymphatic drainage are popular for a reason – they GUARANTEE RESULTS in both the short and long term.

Retinol has had a bad rap. But used in the right way, and in the right form, it can be transformative for the skin. Look out for new-generation forms of retinol – such as granactive retinoid, a fourth-generation retinoid found in the Good Night serum – which won’t irritate the skin. Instead, they’ll gently deal with hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin and improve skin texture. Our serum also contains peptides to hydrate and improve barrier function, niacinamide to reduce breakouts, and panthenol for antioxidant protection. 

The right supplements can provide a boost. However robust your skincare, modern lives mean we can all benefit from an additional dose of nutrients. Our Skinshake is loaded with antioxidants, the most important factor for collagen production. It’s a supercharged protein powder, containing hemp and pea protein, superfoods, greens, peptides and antioxidants to support skin regeneration and repair.

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