10 Finance Podcasts Worth The Listen

Is this the year you want to save more or perhaps start your own business? Like most things, there are plenty of podcasts offering all the advice you need, straight from the experts. From how to get a grip on bad spending habits to common consumer quandaries, these are the ones worth investing your time in.
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Host Bea Duncan is on a mission to learn more about money, clear up the confusion and hopefully get the answers to the questions we all have. For anyone who’s ever felt intimated to talk about money or just wants to hear what the experts recommend, this is the ideal podcast to start with. Even better, each episode is labelled simply, to help you dip in and out depending on the subjects that interest you most.

Episode highlight: Buying property

For many young people, owning a house is an unattainable dream, but is it as difficult as it’s made out to be? Bea sits down with Dilpreet Bhagrath, a mortgage expert at online mortgage broker Trussle, to talk through the process of buying a house, from what a mortgage actually is, to who to approach for help. Dilpreet also explains how the mortgage process might differ for the self-employed, and the steps Trussle are taking to try and make the mortgage industry fairer.

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An Honest Account is a podcast about how money affects our lives: our work, health, relationships and more, with a dose of practical advice for listeners. Each week, host Rachael Revesz is joined by a special guest – or two – to discuss what they’ve learnt about money, how it’s played an important part in their lives and the wisdom they’d pass on to other women. 

Episode highlight: Nell Frizzell on money, motherhood and her new book

In this episode, journalist and author Nell Frizzell talks about financial uncertainty, the cost of nursery fees, the gender pay gap, parental leave and more. She also talks about how she lay out the financial arguments to help persuade her partner to have a child, as part of her book The Panic Years

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Cash Cows looks at how we spend money, why we spend it and all the times we really wish we hadn’t. Together, the hosts unpick different spending habits, look at their guests’ finances and attempt to break the taboo of talking about money. With two seasons-worth of episodes to catch up on, tune in to find out how to deal with buyer’s remorse, get into a rhythm with your savings and understand more about refunds, tax and debt.

Episode highlight: Online shopping, Asos sprees and the war on pigeons

In this episode, the hosts tackle something we're all doing a lot more of these days: shopping online. They look at buying trends, the excitement of deliveries, and attempt to answer the question: does virtual spending really hit the spot? Plus, Jeni Mundy, Managing Director UK and Ireland of Visa, explains how to keep your money safe online.

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Aimed specifically at millennials, Future Pockets looks at a variety of topics, all of which influence the daily decisions we make regarding our money. Host Ezeoke Okechukwu also offers listeners financial, business and lifestyle strategies to help you optimise your spending, saving and investment habits with added insights into what the market is doing and his favourite stock picks for the week.

Episode highlight: Introduction to investing

Although Ezeoke is US-based, his insights into global markets are simple and straightforward – even for novices looking to learn more about the stock market and how to make their money go further. This episode is a great place to start for beginners.

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Hosted by a multi- award winning qualified financial planner and financial coach Catherine Morgan, this personal finance podcast is aimed at female entrepreneurs looking to pick up some practical money management tips to be more financially confident in the future. There’s also plenty on advice on how to take control of money, budget, learn how to invest, save money and manage different financial behaviours. 

Episode highlight: 10 Tips To Make More Money

If you feel like you didn’t manage to get a grip on your finances at the start of the year, consider this a second chance to re-evaluate your goals for 2022. In this episode, Catherine looks at why January is often recognised as the time to set goals for the year ahead and how people set those goals. She explains why time management is so important and how easy it is to get caught up on how much you need do and not what the financial outcome should be.

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Fans of Radio 4 will already be familiar with Money Box, the weekly show that rounds up the latest news from the world of personal finance – plus, offers advice to those trying to make the most of their money. Whether it’s a scam gone wrong or a mobile phone contract you can’t seem to fight your way out of, the Money Box team looks at real-life queries to help you solve some of life’s most irritating financial problems.

Episode highlight: Energy Cap Lowdown

With energy prices set to skyrocket this year, this episode – about the energy cap – makes for an informative listen. Together, host Adam Shaw, listeners and the experts look at the recently announced measures and discuss their possible impact on people’s personal finances.

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Raise The Bar host Frankie Cotton dedicates her shows to feminist conversations on business, work-life and economics. From debates on the circular economy, to female presence in parliament, each week she’s joined by a special guest to discuss how women can take control of their financial destiny, be it at work or in their personal or political lives.

Episode highlight: How Can We Divorce Better? With Samantha Woodham

Divorce is something 42% of all married women could face, and yet the stigma and cost around separation are still enormous – especially for women. Here, Frankie sits down with family law barrister and founder of The Divorce Surgery, Samantha Woodham, to discuss how couples can navigate the process without the enormous legal fees.

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When Bukiie Smart started to save more, spend less and put her money to good use, she also decided to document and share her experiences on social media. Shortly thereafter, Save Spend Invest was born and within a year, she’d hosted her own conference and been invited to speak at multiple seminars. Passionate about helping young people grow their money, and develop good personal finance habits, she’s also a trained accountant, so you can be sure the insights shared are expert approved.

Episode highlight: Planning your finances post lockdown

For those who might have accrued a few savings over the past couple of years, tune into this episode to find out how Bukiie recommends you make the most of it now that restrictions are coming to an end. The best bit? She also addresses how to reset your goals even if you didn’t manage to save that much, so your financial future looks brighter post-pandemic.

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This podcast might have hung up its earphones for good in January, but the good news is there’s a wealth of old episodes to catch up on, all of which see co-hosts and friends Bola Sol, Nego True and DISUNOMICS tackle a wealth of interesting finance and economic topics in a relatable, chatty manner. From spending habits to the fuel crisis, they blend real-world events with what’s going on in their own personal, financial lives to offer honest insights to listeners.

Episode highlight: A Millennial Finance Specialist at Barclays

One of the final episodes to air, its arguable this show went out on a high. Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy is a millennial finance specialist at Barclays and responsible for creating innovative features for the Barclays app. She’s also co-chair of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum (BPF) and winner of the Black British Business Awards Financial Services Rising Star 2020 Award. Together, she and the hosts discuss the culture of corporations changing, FOMO, splitting bills, work/life balance and interviewing employers. 

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Emilie Bellet is the founder of Vestpod, a digital platform that financially empowers women. She’s also the author of the bestselling book You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich – and we interviewed her last year. On her weekly podcasts, she has honest money conversations with a range of guests from all walks of life – employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs and financial experts. Whether you’re a finance newbie struggling with your overdraft or the wolf of Wall Street — this podcast has something for everyone.

Episode highlight: How to lead and enjoy your career, with Helena Morrissey

Helena Morrissey is a passionate advocate for gender balance in the workplace, and she’s a member of the House of Lords, an established author and mentor with three decades of experience in the financial industry. In this episode, she tells Emilie how she navigated her way to become a CEO and a board member in a male-dominated industry, and how developing her personal brand has helped her to build self-confidence and lead as her authentic self. She also discusses why she’s encouraging more women to invest for the long term and shares her top tips for getting started.

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