10 Podcasts To Listen To This Month

10 Podcasts To Listen To This Month

Whether it’s a particularly good episode from a long-running favourite, or a new name causing ripples on the airwaves, here’s a roundup of some of our favourite podcasts to listen to this month...

Archewell Audio

If you missed it, now is the time to add this new podcast from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to your playlist – if only so you can decide which side of the debate to come down on. Reviews might have been mixed so far (the duo have only released a one-off Christmas special of their new show), but future episodes promise to dig deep into topics such as activism, the environment and racial rights. 

Episode Highlight: 2020 Archewell Audio Holiday Special

To round off the end of the year, and formally introduce their new podcast, the duo chat to a range of guests around the world, including Stacey Abrams, Christina Adane, José Andrés, Brené Brown, Rachel Cargle, Deepak Chopra, James Corden, Matt Haig, Sir Elton John, Hussain Manawer, Naomi Osaka, Tyler Perry, and George the Poet. Curated throughout the month of December, the couple finish by toasting to a hopeful 2021.

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Bill Gates And Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the only starry philanthropists to have launched a new podcast. Bill Gates And Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions pairs Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates with actress and writer Rashida Jones to tackle some of the biggest questions facing us today: Is it too late to solve climate change? Does everybody lie? Is inequality inevitable? Join them for deep dives into these questions and even a few answers.

Episode Highlight: Is it too late to stop climate change?

Climate change is the most daunting challenge of our time. Tackling it will require unprecedented amounts of innovation, investment, and global cooperation. Are we actually making progress yet? Can we really stop the worst effects of climate change? In this fourth episode, Bill and Rashida take on perhaps their biggest question yet with assistance from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Kolbert. 

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How To Vaccinate The World

At this stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s become clear that mass vaccination is our only way out of ever-tightening restrictions. Join BBC reporter Tim Harford as he details the race to develop and distribute an effective vaccine in nine succinct episodes, featuring a range of expert interviews with the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Brilliant and a deeper look into the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab. 

Episode Highlight: The Vaccine Year Ahead

If you’re already clued up on much of the vaccine information, skip ahead to episode six, where Harford details what the coming year might look like as the country grapples with immunising as much of the population as possible in the shortest amount of time – all while trying to limit the spread of a new mutant strain of the disease which has health officials on edge. 

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Made By Mammas

Join TV presenter and radio broadcaster Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton as they bring their mummy blog to life, discussing the baby brands they love, the products they swear by and the experiences they've been through during the first years of motherhood. Each episode sees Zoe and Georgia chat to a famous face or an expert in their field on a host of topics ranging from pregnancy to sleep to activities to do with little ones, and so much more. Your go-to for non-judgemental advice, support and a bit of love.

Episode Highlight: Cat Deeley

Recorded prior to the latest wave of restrictions, tune into this episode to hear about TV presenter Cat Deeley's move back to the UK, her desire to impart her experience of close sibling relationships onto her sons, and how she balances motherhood with her career. Plus, there’s more insight into how she managed to write a children's book and the recent SMTV Live reunion with Ant and Dec. 

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Mum Made Me Do It

Join YouTuber Saffron Barker and her (very glamourous) mum Wendy as they chat all things mums and daughters in everyday life, totally unfiltered. They'll be chatting about everything from relationships to body confidence, growing up on YouTube, as well as sharing some advice and getting their bug bears off their chests.

Episode Highlight: The WORST and BEST parts of social media!

Released just before Christmas, this episode sees the mum and daughter duo talk about all the best and worst parts of social media. With topics including Instagram being a filtered life, trolls, tv show spoilers and more, the two also take a crack at trying to solve your social media dilemmas.

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Pepp Talk

Join influencer Breeny Lee as she gives you the exact pep talk you need for every situation you may be facing in your day-to-day life – especially when it comes to dating. Acting like the listeners big sister, Breeny will challenge you to become better and crush your limiting beliefs. Unfiltered in her advice, she shares powerful yet practical tips to become the most glorious version of yourself, from knowing your value, to levelling up. If you want straight talk, then this is the podcast for you – plus, you can also watch most of the episodes on YouTube by following the link in the show notes.

Episode Highlight: How To Be Authentic

Authenticity is a word that gets bandied about a lot these days – especially in the age of Instagram living and other forms of social media. For that reason, it’s possible a lot of us think we have split personalities or two faces – the one we show to the world and the one that nobody gets to see, the real us. Being genuine and authentic is what Breeny believe to be the keys to joy – just tune in to find out why. 

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The Four Cast 

If one thing is for sure – as a population we’ve never relied on accurate news reporting more. In this new podcast from Channel 4 News, the presenters take an in- depth look at the stories you need to know about; how the past shapes the present and what might lie ahead for us all. In the inaugural episode, veteran newscaster Jon Snow looks back on a turbulent year of personal and professional challenges – and explains why he thinks this podcast is needed now more than ever.

Episode Highlight: What might 2021 have in store?

2020 is over (thank god). For many a year to forget, but one which will undoubtedly have changed the courses of all our lives. So, what might the new year have in store for us? In the latest episode of the show, the presenters speak to three Channel 4 News reporters with very different areas of expertise about what the future might hold; looking ahead to Brexit, the next chapter of the coronavirus crisis, and the global affairs movements that you need to know about. Consider it your 2021 cheat sheet.

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The Missing 

Hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes, The Missing looks into the cases of the long-term missing and asks you, the listener, to help. Brought to you in association with charities Locate International and Missing People, every week the team explore a different case, hear original interviews with family and friends, and ask the questions that need to be answered. Where did they go? What happened to them? And does anyone listening have any information? 

Episode Highlight: Katrice Lee

Katrice Lee disappeared from a supermarket in West Germany on her 2nd birthday. Almost 40 years later, what happened to her remains a mystery – every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Even so, her family have never given up hope and are still campaigning for answers – they believe Katrice could have been abducted and brought up by a different family. Can this episode unlock some answers?

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The Wait

As the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020, the plight of millions of refugees around the world fell away from global headlines. In this podcast, listeners can hear the story of Mozhgan Moarefizadeh, who is stuck in Jakarta, living without rights – but with a yappy dog named Bella. With journalist Nicole Curby, she brings you into the lives of refugees like her, who are trapped on Australia’s new borderline, in Indonesia. 

Episode Highlight: If there is a God

Mozhgan and her friend Elina, from Sudan, have a disagreement about beliefs. When the future is impossible to see, faith can be a rock – or it can shatter completely. Either way, some refugees are taking matters into their own hands, in their quest to cope. 

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Where To Go

With travel looking as unlikely this year as it was in 2020, this new show from DK aims to inspire listeners who are missing out on their usual dose of wanderlust. Each fortnightly episode will focus on a specific destination, with hosts James Atkinson and Lucy Richards joined by local experts who have all chosen to call that place home. With deep dives into travel stories, hidden gems and unmissable sights, we also take a look at how destinations have been impacted by the events of 2020, how travel may start to return and what we can expect to be different in the future. 

Episode Highlight: Paris

Paris is a treasure trove of things to see and do. But it's not just the famous sights that make the city so appealing to visitors – it's the vibrant local scene found across the city's many neighbourhoods – think cool cafés, brilliant bookshops and of course, some of the world's best food. In this episode, Lucy and James pay the city a virtual visit via writer Eleanor Aldridge. They discuss Eleanor's life as an adopted Parisian, her must-do experiences (champagne and oysters, anyone?) and how the city has responded to the events of 2020.

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