10 Podcasts To Listen To This Month
10 Podcasts To Listen To This Month

10 Podcasts To Listen To This Month

Whether it’s a particularly good episode from a long-running favourite, or a new name causing ripples on the airwaves, here are some of our favourite podcasts to listen to this month.
By Sherri Andrew

Dua Lipa: At Your Service 

Not content with releasing new music, heading on a world tour and launching an online newsletter, Dua Lipa now has a podcast where she talks to some of the most influential people in the business, including musicians, journalists and writers. Each episode features inspiring stories and tips from those who are transforming not just their own industries, but the culture around it too. Guests talk about their successes, failures, career highlights and rise to the top. Expect to hear from the likes of Olivier Rousteing, Edward Enninful and Lisa Taddeo.

Episode Highlight: Megan Thee Stallion

As part of the series, Dua interviews the women who are reshaping the future of music. Cue award-winning female rapper Megan The Stallion, who recently graduated from Texas Southern University while also storming the charts with her ‘hot girl’ lyrics and catchy songs. Here, she talks about collaborating with Dua on their new song ‘Sweetie Pie’, dismantling misogyny in hip-hop, and making space for other women to succeed. Megan also speaks about using her platform to promote the protection of Black women and shares her top recommendations for a weekend in Houston.

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Best Friend Therapy

Queen of the airwaves Elizabeth Day is best known for her chart-topping series How To Fail. In this fresh series, she’s joined forces with her BFF Emma Reed, who also happens to be a therapist. Together, they use Best Friend Therapy as a space to discuss what’s going on in their minds. Each week, they’ll talk about how to tackle the challenges we face in daily life with honesty, compassion and practical wisdom, through the tough times and on the days you need it most.

Episode Highlight: Episode One

To kick off the series, Elizabeth and Emma talk about their 20-year friendship and how they keep the balance between friend and therapist. They’ve seen each other’s highs and lows, and now want to help others with their words of wisdom. Don’t miss the first episode which drops on Monday 28th March. 

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Love Thy Neighbour

Thirty years ago, a car accident in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Crown Heights set off four days of unrest and rioting. Two people died, dozens were injured, and hundreds were arrested. In Love Thy Neighbour, journalist Collier Meyerson explores what came to be known as the ‘Crown Heights Riot’, one of the only antisemitic riots in US history. It’s a story about immigration, New York City’s first Black mayor, the rise of politician Rudy Giuliani, and the Lubavitch Jewish and Caribbean-American communities at the centre of it all. To Meyerson, the Crown Heights Riot can help us unlock and understand many of our modern dilemmas, from police violence and racism to the resurgence of antisemitism. 

Episode Highlight: Episode 3: Things Fall Apart

As more and more white people leave New York City for the suburbs, the Lubavitch Jews and Caribbean-Americans remain in Crown Heights. Everyone is talking about violent crime. Locals patrol the streets in groups and New York City elects its first Black mayor, David Dinkins. However, tensions in the neighbourhood reach a boiling point, leading to heightened unrest.

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Hear Her Voice

Laura Whitmore hosts this show, which celebrates women in the music industry. Together, Laura and her guests explore the female experience via songs, albums and lyrics over the decades, from noughties pop songs to 80s ballads. Whether you’re looking for recommendations or want to hear women in the know dissect popular songs and analyse what they really mean, this series was made for music buffs. Listen out for future guests like Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts, and singers Lauren Mayberry (of the band Chvrches) and Olivia Dean.

Episode Highlight: Break Up & Make Up ft KT Tunstall & Daisy Buchanan

Laura is joined by singer KT Tunstall, and author and friend of SL Daisy Buchanan to talk about songs from the heart. Heartbreak in songwriting is a common trope, but some lyrics resonate with us more than others. In this episode, the trio celebrate the best break-up anthems of all time and the artists who know what it’s like to lose love, own it and sing about it. Daisy and KT also choose their favourite songs about the ups and downs of relationships, including ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor and ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse. Music journalist Laura Snapes also joins the conversation for a quick chat about Winehouse’s discography. 

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If Jewels Could Talk

Jewellery can represent the past or signal the future, whether you inherit a beautiful necklace from your grandmother or receive an engagement ring from your fiancé. According to Carol Woolton, one of the UK’s leading authorities on jewellery and gemstones, it can also represent lost fortunes, revolution, precious stones and personal histories. Each week, guests talk to her about the most important jewels in their lives and the stories behind them. Some episodes focus on specific types of jewels, like rock crystals, while others feature celebrities talking about their beautiful pieces. Guests include actor Brooke Shields, designer Theo Fennell and professor Kate Williams.

Episode Highlight: Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Carol takes the time to speak to mother and daughter about their love of jewellery and how it features in their wardrobes. They talk about sharing jewellery boxes, their favourite designer pieces and how to create a killer curated ear. 

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Devils In The Dark

Comedians Helen Anderson and Danni Howard explore the wildest, most gruesome and totally shocking true crime cases in history, from notorious serial killers Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy to Joanna Dennehy, one of Britain’s most dangerous women. With the help of experts, they'll learn more about the killer's origins, their darkest secrets and shocking desires that led them to commit horrific crimes.

Episode Highlight: Joanna Dennehy

Helen and Danni delve into the life and crimes of Joanna Dennehy. With the help of criminologists, forensic psychologists and journalists from the scene, they hear how Joanna became one of Britain's most frenzied and dangerous murderers, and a self-proclaimed ‘committed psychopath’. If you’re squeamish, this podcast might not be for you, but if you find true crime fascinating, it’s an interesting listen – with light comic relief throughout. 

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Is It My ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neuro-developmental condition in which the system controlling the concentration and transport of chemicals that filter unnecessary distractions to the brain differs from a neurotypical brain. Rather than affecting your intelligence, it can impact your behaviour, especially in concentrating, planning, and remembering instructions – and there are currently two million women in the UK who are undiagnosed. Host Grace Timothy (who was diagnosed aged 37) interviews guests including skincare expert Caroline Hirons, influencer Natalie Lee and author Dr Pragya Agarwal to talk about living with the condition, and the pros and cons.

Episode Highlight: Caroline Hirons

Grace chats to OG beauty expert Caroline Hirons about living with ADHD in the public eye and the upsides to having the disorder. As Grace explains, Caroline is bold, imaginative and hyper focused, all things which helped kick off her unconventional career path. But it also means her mind is always active. Here, Caroline explains how ‘no’ people have helped channel her impulses, the tools she uses when she feels overwhelmed, and what it’s like to parent when both you and your kids have ADHD.

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Lovestruck Daily

In this podcast, romance expert Sarah Wendell and author Alisha Rai explore the addictive world of love. Covering a wide variety of topics, both niche and broad, the two chat about historic love stories through the ages, the science behind love, why we’re obsessed with power couples, and love in fictional worlds. Both informative and entertaining, we like how each episode tackles big questions with funny anecdotes from Sarah and Alisha to keep things relatable – plus, episodes are around 20 minutes long, so you can binge a few at a time.

Episode Highlight: Woman on Top: A Dominatrix Tale

Is there any love involved in BDSM? Sarah and Alisha speak to Mistress Mina who talks about the art of being a dominatrix. Whips and chains aside, a dominatrix needs to develop a strong emotional and physical connection with their client which is based on consent and communication. Mina also shares the secret to setting up a successful sex empire and operating in a male-dominated industry. 

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Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers

Drag Race judge Michelle Visage is an icon in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. But her showbiz journey wasn’t all plain sailing – as a self-proclaimed rulebreaker, she’s an advocate of doing things differently. In this series, Michelle talks to other rulebreakers, including friends and stars who have taken the path less trodden, ripped up the rulebook and been all the happier for it. Expect laughter and wisdom to inspire you to get out there and rewrite your own rules.

Episode Highlight: Dawn French: Paving The Way For Funny Women And Owning Our Mistakes

Comedy legend Dawn French is one of the most revered names in the business. But she wasn’t always as confident as she now comes across, especially in a world where female comics are seen as ‘not very funny’. Dawn talks about growing up with a hilarious – yet shy – father, performing with her partner Jennifer Saunders, and paving the way for the next generation of female comedians. 

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Connections With Eva Longoria

For actor and producer Eva Longoria, life is all about establishing long-lasting connections at each stage of life. Whether that’s a school friend, partner or colleague, our desire to authentically connect with others is what’s really important. In this new series, Eva and her guests take on complex topics that affect us all, from spirituality, to money, romance, food, politics, and parenting. Part self-help part storytelling, it’s an interesting take on how to make the most of the relationships in your life and find new connections. 

Episode Highlight: Episode One

Eva Longoria is probably best known for playing the shrewd and materialistic Gabrielle Solis in TV series Desperate Housewives, but in real life, she truly values the connections in her life, from her friends and family to the comfort food that reminds her of her childhood. Watch out for the first episode which drops on Thursday 31st March. 

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