7 Health & Fitness Podcasts To Keep You On Track

If you’re bored of your gym playlist, or feel completely unmotivated, the podcast world is brimming with free offerings to help give you a fitness pep talk. Whether you want to supercharge your health knowledge or unleash your inner yogi, we guarantee there’s a podcast to suit your needs…

20-Minute Fitness

This does exactly what it says on the tin. Bringing you the latest need-to-know advice for health and weight loss, all in under 20 minutes. You’ll explore topics such as how sleep affects your fitness mojo, as well as how to become mentally tough and prepared to take on new challenges. There’s also a great episode for vegans who want tailored nutrition hacks. Another bonus? There’s a whole host of different exercises to try that aim to give you a leaner, trimmer body in weeks. Time to get listening...

Listen to 20-Minute Fitness Podcast here.

Found My Fitness

If exercise and conversations around biology is your thing, check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s podcast, which is dedicated to both topics. From debating how we can increase our health span to the latest research on brain health, listen to some of the world’s hottest doctors and researchers discuss their ideas, discoveries and arguments. The best bit? All the lengthy, technical studies are completely broken down into manageable chunks, so you won’t have to dive off to do any extra research yourself.

Listen to Find My Fitness here.

Yoga Today

Whether you’re a pro or a total beginner, this podcast aims to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone. It features nutritional recipes, as well as quick, easy to learn routines that you’ll be able to squeeze in before work. You’ll also receive smart tips and easy tricks to incorporate into your day-to-day from renowned yoga teachers and experts. We guarantee it’ll make you feel more limber and uplifted in no time.

Listen to Yoga Today here.

Ali On The Run Show

Popular on iTunes, this podcast makes you feel like you’re running while chatting to a mate – the best type of motivation. You can also expect inspirational talks from everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and industry leaders who discuss their success and failures and how that has shaped their progression. It’s an encouraging listen that will challenge you to push yourself, whether that’s during your run or daily dog walk.

Listen to Ali On The Run Show here.

Get-Fit Guy

Covering every fitness topic possible, expert Brock Armstrong breaks down routines and answers all your burning questions in one place. He also tries to help you achieve your goals (if you’ve set some) in manageable steps, including how to prepare for a triathlon and reach your first 5K run. Other episodes are dedicated to improving posture and learning the benefits of going barefoot more often - there really is something for everyone who wants to be fitter, faster, stronger and ultimately happier.

Listen to Get-Fit Guy here.

Marathon Training Academy

Coach Angie Spencer is on hand to help those wanting to run longer distances by sharing her own knowledge and experience – both as a runner, and a nurse. It’s all about making you feel positive in your capabilities and allowing yourself to go the extra mile each time you train. You’ll also pick up bitesize tips, including how to cure heel pain and the ways you should adjust your training if you’re an older runner. Trust us when we say this podcast will push you to be the very best you can.

Listen to Marathon Training Academy here.

Fitness Business School

Taking a slightly different tact, this one is for anybody looking to build their own business, and it comes highly recommended. Hosted by fitness entrepreneur Lauren Ticknes, the aim is to share encouraging stories and evidence-based information about exercise, business and wellness with brilliant hosts from all fields. It’s not been launched long but it’s already hugely popular – expect to be seriously inspired. Notepads at the ready!

Listen to Fitness Business School here.

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