8 Ways Rugs Can Transform Your Home

8 Ways Rugs Can Transform Your Home

One of the simplest ways to transform a space, rugs should never be overlooked when it comes to interiors. And for expert advice on updating your home, we turned to The Rug Company Co-Founder Suzanne Sharp.

Launched in 1997, the London brand sees rugs as individual works of art, producing lovingly hand-made designs with meticulous craftship and the highest of quality. And if you’re a fan of their unique, ethically-created rugs, you’ll be pleased to hear The Rug Company are holding a sample sale with discounts of up to 70% from Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th March.
Read on to discover Suzanne’s top tips, and more info on the sample sale, below…

What are the rules when it comes to…

Dining areas: For a dining room, a large rug under the table will deaden the sound in the room and bring colour, pattern and texture. Ideally, the rug should be in proportion to the table, and larger than it, so there’s sufficient space to pull out a chair and sit down without the back legs coming off the rug. The minimum that allows for this is 75cm (29”), so that the ideal size is generally at least 1.50m (59”) larger than the table in each direction. Remember, the centre of the rug will mostly be obscured by the table and chairs, so the most important part of the design becomes the border.
Under sofas and coffee tables: The size of the rug very much depends on the function of the room. It’s great to be able to place furniture, such as the sofa, half on a rug to give a luxurious and flowing feel to a space. For a sitting room where the sofa is against the wall, I would put the front legs on the rug; if the sofa is in the middle of the room, you need to be able to see the rug at least a metre all the way round it.
Bedrooms: For a bedroom, the rug is best placed underneath the bed, framing it but stopping short of the side tables. An alternative is to have a smaller rug on either side of the bed. A soft, shaggy rug beside a bed will tempt you out on a cold morning.
Hallways: Pattern is a very effective way to create a strong impact in a narrow corridor.

How can you use a rug to make a room look bigger?

Rugs that are too small make a room look untidy. Using a big rug in a small space will help pull the room together. Choose a rug without a border to make the room feel bigger.

What are the common mistakes people make with rugs?

Getting a rug that’s too small – a small rug will make a room look bitty and mean. Having the right size rug will make all the difference. Always choose a rug that you love, like an artwork, as it will last for many decades so you want to love it in 20 years’ time. A good rug seller will help advise you and let you take the rug home first to try it in situ before making a decision.

What are the rules when it comes to colour?

Using the right colours together can be really exciting and rewarding, and can totally transform a room. A few of my favourite combinations include: red and pink, blue and green, yellow and orange, shocking pink and orange, khaki and emerald green. Just remember, for it to work, the colours should be of the same tone.

What are the most popular styles?

I love the timeless appeal of geometric patterns, particularly when they’re transformed with an interesting, modern colour palette. There’s a noticeable return to quality and honesty too; customers want their rug to be extremely well made and genuine.
The Rug Company sample sale will be held at Carousel Next Door, 35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN, and is open on the following dates and times:
27th March: 12-7pm
28th-29th March: 10am-6pm
30th March: 10am-2pm

For more information, visit TheRugCompany.com

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