Anina Heé’s Little Black Book Of Fashion

Anina Heé’s Little Black Book Of Fashion

A former NET-A-PORTER alumni and now founder of modern wardrobe essentials brand, Refine, it should come as little surprise to hear Anina Heé knows a thing or two about good shopping. From under-the-radar brands to the world’s best boutiques, these are the names and places she goes back to time and again.

Since the start of the pandemic, I haven’t been shopping much in real life. That said, I really miss Westbourne Grove in London. Right now, I’m based in Paris but I lived in London for seven years – I’m not sure how much it’s changed since I left, but I always considered this part of the city a great place to discover new labels. From the flower shops to the restaurants, it’s such a beautiful area, and somewhere I see my brand, Refine, having a pop-up in the future. 

The coolest piece I’ve ever found on my travels is a cotton bikini with a paisley print, which I bought on the beach at Club 55 in St.Tropez – in fact, the entire beach boutique is well worth a visit, as they have great cover ups and bags. I also love browsing the markets in the South of France – it’s a great way to pick up straw basket bags and again, beach cover ups, which are usually made from high-quality linen. 

The coolest boutique in the world is RW Guild in New York. It’s more of an interiors place really, but I absolutely love it – there are so many different things going on. When it comes to fashion, you really can’t beat The Row’s store in LA. 

The best concept stores in the world are The Conran Shop in Marylebone and Alex Eagle in Soho – I always feel like I discover something new in both, and I much prefer a concise curation of pieces instead of feeling overwhelmed by choice. You really feel like you’re entering a universe, as opposed to just any ordinary store. 

The most unusual shop I’ve ever visited is the Prada boutique in Soho, New York. The architecture is incredible – I remember visiting it on my first trip there when I was 16. After seeing it on Sex and the City, it felt quite surreal to be there. 

The best destination for independent stores is the Green Point area in Brooklyn. There are new ones every time I visit, all of which have something exciting to offer. Catbird had its first boutique there, which is the only name I really remember, but it’s worth spending some time exploring – it’s an area that’s constantly changing. 

The best department store in the world is Liberty – it’s just so beautiful. I could get lost in the beauty section… they’ve really struck the right balance between big names and niche ones. I also love Le Bon Marché in Paris.

The coolest under-the-radar brand is Ven Store, which is owned by my friend Charlotte. As the owner of a new brand, I frequently come across others in a similar position, and I love what she does with luxury staples. Her aesthetic is like the cashmere version of what we do at Refine.

My perfect shopping day would be in Paris, starting at Rue Saint-Honoré to check out the luxury designers, then moving on to grab a takeaway coffee at Café Kitsune and a walk through the Tuileries Garden, which is close to the Louvre. I’d then continue on to Place Furstenberg, where my friend’s has a store called Linnea Lund (another brand that does great cashmere), and Isabel Marant is also close by. Finally, I’d head over to Le Bon Marché, which has the perfect mix of established brands and up-and-coming ones, before picking up a treat at the Rose Bakery

The coolest resort labels are Eres and Matteau. As you might expect, I prefer quite classic, simple cuts when it comes to swimwear and both brands do this really well. 


When it comes to basics, I’d have to say Refine has some of the best. Next month we’re planning to launch a selection of separates like t-shirts, vests and other tops – all of which can be worn with the existing silk pieces in our collection. Historically, I’ve bought t-shirts and other basics at places like COS or The Row, but there was practically nothing in between those two price points that really lived up to my expectation in terms of quality. Durability and the finest fabrics are hugely important to us at Refine, and our ethos is rooted in sustainability – so you can be sure the pieces are made to last.

I never walk away empty handed from En Soie in Zurich. It mixes fashion, childrenswear, ceramics and more – so there’s a bit of everything on offer, while still being beautifully thought out. I’m Swiss, so I always walk away with a few of their little accessories whenever I visit. It’s impossible not to!

For vintage, I nearly always shop online. I love The Real Real, as it all feels very curated and well presented. My best ever vintage purchase were some amazing strappy Manolo Blahnik mid heel sandals – they’ve now re-released a similar design on NET-A-PORTER, but I love my ones. 

My favourite sustainable brand is Gabriela Hearst. Everything she does is so considered, from her collections to the stores and her fashion shows – which are all carbon neutral. There’s so much greenwashing out there right now, but she’s trying to make a real difference, instead of using sustainability as a marketing tool.

For something really special, I shop at Maison La Biche in Paris. Their personalised t-shirts are really cool. 

The best fashion gift I’ve ever given to someone else was a pair of sunglasses for my boyfriend. He found them in a random shop in Istanbul, then subsequently lost them on holiday and was really upset. I tracked down the brand and after a few phone calls, managed to order another pair for him as a surprise. I have to say I’ve got a bit of a knack for tracking down hard to get pieces!

The best fashion gift I’ve ever received is a Cartier Tank watch from my boyfriend for my 30th birthday. Not a day goes by where I don’t wear it – unless I’m on holiday and want to avoid a tricky tan line…!  
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