The Cool Designer You Need On Your Radar

The Cool Designer You Need On Your Radar

From her impossibly cool, curated Damoy Antwerp store, to her bestselling collection of luxe basics, Florence Damoy is the girl to have on your radar. Her pared-back, tonal aesthetic has made her not only a major player on the fashion scene, but an Instagram star too. She gave us the lowdown on her brands, style and more…

Damoy is a high-end boutique store in Antwerp which sells a curated edit of clothes, accessories and, recently, designer furniture. There was a real gap in the market for something like it in the city.

We only sell labels that you can’t otherwise get in Belgium. This means we have to constantly innovate – after a few seasons, other stores catch on and begin to sell those labels, so we’re constantly on the lookout for something new.

My own label is selling really well. People really appreciate the high quality in fabrics and fit. I started La Collection as a way to express my creativity – I was also constantly searching for a quality that nobody seemed to offer. I had been imagining my first collection for two years before we put it into production, so the design process went pretty smoothly.

La Collection is for the modern woman who loves to stand out in classic simplicity. The brand aims to embraces the minimalism of nowadays in a very feminine way.

Choosing a favourite piece is impossible – it’s like choosing between your children! At the moment I’d have to say the Benedicte dress is something I want to wear every single day again, but then Jacqueline comes back every collection because I just cannot let go of this perfect dress. And our Adeline coat is just perfection too!

My go-to outfit formula for daytime is a good La Collection suit, which always makes me feel like an empowered woman who can run the world. For evenings, I like a long La Collection dress – often this is the Jacqueline.

When it comes to my personal style, I like to cover up, wear long lengths and I absolutely love big volumes. Most brands make everything too short or not wide enough to save on fabric (because lots of fabric is what makes a piece expensive). I do exactly the opposite – the more the better! I think that makes my style quite specific.

I try to stick to a capsule wardrobe, particularly when I travel. This will always include one long dress for day and evening; a long coat to go on top; plus a suit that I can pair up or wear as separates; and my poplin Artur and a wide-leg silk trouser to go with it.

I get my inspiration from everywhere. I stay in Paris before I start designing for a new season; I stroll around museums and art galleries, bookstores and vintage shops. Also I love to watch old movies and be inspired by the wardrobes of women back in the day. My favourite artists are sculptors like Rodin, Brancusi and Jean Arp; I love the way they bring shapes and silhouettes to life and I find so much inspiration from their work.

Great style is always at its best when it comes effortlessly. I love people who throw some clothes on and always look stylish. Maybe they did try hard, but I love it when it looks like they didn’t.

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For more information vist Damoy Antwerp  or Follow @FlorenceForDamoy & @Damoy_Store_Offical

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