Fashion Inspo From Our Favourite Christmas Films

As soon as December arrives, we set aside time to revisit our favourite Christmas films. But vegging out in front of the classics doesn’t have to be an entirely mindless activity; if you know where to look, you’ll find festive films filled with style inspiration. Whether it’s how to wear hats à la The Muppets or styling tricks from Disney’s animated characters, here are the fashion tips we’ll be drawing from our favourite cinematic offerings this season…

Buddy, Elf

A look sported by Buddy the Elf on his journey of self-discovery from the North Pole to New York, the adventurer proved that arctic temperatures don’t mean compromising style, with his tapered green coat and festive white fur trim cinched in by a chunky leather belt combining essential winter warmth with flattering tailoring. Opt for festive green outerwear or choose glamourous detailing – the chic addition of a furry collar and cuffs to a tailored peacoat will elevate any outfit.

Elsa & Anna, Frozen 

Capes have long been a wardrobe hero thanks to their proliferation at fashion week (Burberry is a notable pioneer of the look), and Disney heroines Anna and Elsa have solidified the style as a winter must-have, with their respective uses of the cover-up as protection from the elements. Whether you’re heading for brunch or saving Arendelle from eternal snow, a wool or cashmere shawl will ensure you’re chic and comfortable.

Kevin, Home Alone

Chiara Ferragni, Miroslava Duma and a host of other fashionista heavyweights have been complicit in the rise of the bobble hat, but did you know that the original baddy-hunter Kevin McCallister is the instigator of the winter trend? The minor’s escapades saw him permanently resplendent in a chunky patterned beanie, proving stylish accessories still work in arctic temperatures.

Turboman, Jingle All The Way

It seems Arnie is a surprising style star (where did the metallic trend come from if not The Terminator?) and his off-the-beaten-track Christmas film proves his wide-spread influence, with superhero style the catalyst for the red jumpsuit trend supported by Zuhair Murad and Self-Portrait, amongst others. Team with gold belt, gloves and helmet for true commitment.

Cindy Lou, The Grinch 

While we might not be able to do elaborate braids like Cindy Lou, we can definitely get a taste of her style. Never afraid to make a bold statement, add bows, curls and red accessories like Seuss’ leading lady for extra fashion points.

Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington has a lot to be envious of, like ultra-lean limbs and a monochrome wardrobe to covet. The original inspiration behind smart black-and-white tailoring, his iconic penchant for a pinstripe has us following suit in pared-back, muted separates.

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