Expert Tips To Declutter & Organise Your Wardrobe
Expert Tips To Declutter & Organise Your Wardrobe

Expert Tips To Declutter & Organise Your Wardrobe

The start of the year is the ideal time for a wardrobe clear-out. From the small changes you can make to getting organised once and for all, ex-Harrods and NET-A-PORTER stylist Lauren Faiers has some great tips to get you started…
By Elaine Lloyd Jones

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Start by trying everything on. Going through your wardrobe and trying pieces you haven’t previously worn together, and also passing on anything that doesn’t make you feel good is very cathartic. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with certain pieces again – it will make your wardrobe feel new again. 

Make it a regular habit. If you’re unsure about something, tuck it away in another wardrobe or under the bed so it’s not taking prime space but can be retrieved in case you change your mind. I re-evaluate my wardrobe every month but for my clients I recommend every season. I have a small rail where I put my favourite and newest pieces on to make getting ready easier to blend with the rest of my wardrobe.

Dress to put yourself in the right frame of mind. As funny as this may sound, I’ve decided to dress up more next year. I spend a lot of time working from home so comfortable clothing is my go-to, but I’ve found I’m more productive when I dress up, or put something on that feels relaxed yet still pulled together. 

Establish the foundations and build from there. A good wardrobe starts with classic staple pieces in neutral colours, then the shoes and accessories are the elevators. I break it down into a capsule made up of the following pieces: two jackets, four tops, two skirts, two dresses and two pairs of trousers.


Don’t neglect your underwear. Trust me, it can make or break an outfit. Having smoother lines will always make you feel good, so I highly recommend the Commando Butter thongs and a smooth basic t-shirt bra. 

If you don’t feel good in it or if it looks tired, it’s time to give it a new home. Saying goodbye to a piece you haven’t worn is a good thing as you learn what you do and don’t wear, and you can also give or sell the item to someone who will enjoy wearing it. 

Use resale sites. I have used many resale sites and platforms over the years. Ones I would highly recommend are The Cirkel, Vestiaire Collective and Sellier for high-level luxury. I’m also going to be selling a lot of my high-street pieces on Vinted in January – I’ve heard great things. 

Install the right storage. I’ve worked with wardrobes of all shapes and sizes over the years, some small and some spread across multiple rooms – one thing I can tell you is, no one ever has enough space, so the right storage is key. Vacuum storage bags in various sizes are an excellent addition and natural moth balls mean you won’t get that nasty chemical odour that comes with standard moth balls. 

Check social media for hacks and inspiration. I love following @NatashaSwingler @StyleSisters and @MadameSweat on Instagram, and on TikTok I follow @Mama_Mila. I’ve picked up a couple of useful tips, like using micellar water on stains and investing in a depillar to bring your knitwear back to life. 


Organise your clothes in a visually appealing way. It makes it easier to get dressed. I organise my client’s pieces by category (tops, jeans, trousers, blazers etc) and colour coordinate. Pack away anything out of season so you can see what you have and avoid making mistakes when you buy something new.

Fold your knitwear. When you hang knitwear, it tends to mould to the hanger and lose its shape – especially if it’s weighty. Also, keep your coats somewhere separate. They take up so much room and it can cloud your judgement when there are too many things in the wardrobe. 

Keep your shoes where you can see them. They’re an easy item to forget about if they’re kept in boxes, so I always store shoes on shelves (just not in direct sunlight) or in a shoe cupboard – arranging them by having the most worn pairs at the bottom and dressier styles at the top. If you do want to keep the boxes for possible resale in the future, try sticking a photo of the shoes on the box to help you know what’s where. 

Use slim velvet hangers to maximise space. I buy mine from Amazon and the standard ones are great for jeans, shirts and jackets, but I recommend the smaller dress/shirt ones (in the size 41.7 x 22.6) so you don’t get any pointy shoulders on delicate tops or dresses. 

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