New Season Fashion Picks From Influencer Freddie Harrel

New Season Fashion Picks From Influencer Freddie Harrel

Freddie Harrel may be a sought-after blogger and Instagram star, with nearly 200k followers hooked on her fashion choices, but she’s also an advocate, empowering women with her public speaking workshops, alongside her Big Hair No Hair campaign, which encourages black women to embrace their natural hair.

And now she’s adding another string to her bow: a collaboration with cool London shoe brand Rogue Matilda. With three brogue designs on the agenda, the androgynous but colourful styles epitomise Freddie’s statement: wearable personal style. Want to know more? We grilled her on her fashion rules…

My personal style is… Like a fashion burrito. A mix of all things wrapped into one!
I would never… Wear Ugg boots. They’ve never worked on me. 

I always invest in… Statement jackets.

My favourite season is… Autumn, for one reason and one reason only: layering! 
When it comes to colour… The bolder the better and the more the merrier. I’m also obsessed with clashing prints.

I collect… Suits. They're like my superhero costume – an armour almost. I wear them with everything – brogues, trainers, and of course heels, for extra sass.

Accessories… Don’t have to make or break your look. I love a statement earring and a bold bag to compliment an outfit, but I'm not so good with details – I prefer to focus on the outfit.

Your clothes should make you feel… Happy, unique and confident. 
I’m a mum… So I’m used to getting ready under pressure. My tip is to focus on things that give you instant results, like just concealer and a lipstick instead of a full face of make-up. Alternatively, go for those trousers or that pair of shoes you know always work on you and don't overthink the rest of the outfit.

My evening style is… Glam with a laid-back feel. My off-duty wardrobe is definitely in the latter camp!

If I want to impress… I’ll go for a maxi dress, a statement jacket with a snatched waist, high-waisted trousers with heels or a cool suit.
I always feel good in… Mom jeans or a black jumper.
Freddie's collaboration with Rogue Matilda is available now. Shop her 'Frogues' online at RogueMatilda.Com and follow Freddie on her Instagram @freddieharrel 

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