The Sandwich Dressing Rule To Remember

Avoiding those nothing-to-wear moments just got so much easier thanks to our favourite new style hack. The ‘sandwich dressing’ rule is the guaranteed route to a polished look in the morning; wear a matching shade on your shoes and top half, then sandwich a different colour in between for an edit that’s pulled together but easy to throw on.

Why does it work? It streamlines your look, avoiding any fussy prints or unfortunate clashing for didn’t-have-to-think-about-it style – even on the most rushed mornings.

Look One

Ditch monochrome for a night out and instead look to pretty pink separates for a summery evening look.

Look Two

A blazer, wide leg trousers and mules is this season’s easiest formula for new season dressing, and switching out darker shades for pale blue will ensure the look is bang on trend.

Look Three

The sandwich rule applies to dresses too – add a biker and black heels to a directional look for an easy day-to-night edit.

Look Four

Not sure how to wear bright shades this season? Embrace the matchy matchy look by teaming up the same bold shade, breaking up the edit with a subtle middle hue.

Look Five

Embracing the rule doesn’t mean forgoing neutral hues – try matching earth colours for a pared-back take.

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