Style Rules: Frannfyne

Style Rules: Frannfyne

Parisian influencer Franny Mozemba is known for flipping classic French girl style on its head. A fan of all things vintage, it’s her eye for pre-loved fashion that’s helped her build a loyal following on Instagram – not to mention her eclectic approach to dressing. From her refusal to bow to trends to the pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe, these are her style rules.
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My style is best described as classic, chic and effortless – I really like clean cuts, natural fabrics and elegant silhouettes. I don’t technically work in fashion (I’m in accounting) but in my spare time I enjoy sharing my looks on Instagram. I’m also working on setting up a vintage and second-hand website where all the pieces are curated by me – so stay tuned! 

Everyone should shop for vintage. A large percentage of my wardrobe is pre-loved and I tend to mix those pieces in with my newer purchases. My love for vintage shopping started about 20 years ago – I was going through a difficult time and my budget didn’t allow for much department store shopping. I still wanted to look good though, so I started raiding second-hand stores to find some gems. 

"My style is best described as classic, chic and effortless."

Treat vintage shopping like a treasure hunt. If you’re new to it, go out there without any specific ideas in mind. Instead, buy pieces that give you a special feeling when you see them – I guarantee you’ll find something you love, it just takes some time and patience. 

Don’t be a slave to trends. There’s not much point lusting after the latest ‘it’ bag or pair of shoes because modern day trends are often reinventions of older ones. Before making any purchase, look through your wardrobe to find something similar – when I do this, I often find pieces I’ve forgotten about. It’ll also remind you of what you already own and love – be it a silk scarf, a good quality cotton t-shirt, a beautiful skirt or a timeless dress. 

Try to experiment outside of your comfort zone. This is the best piece of advice I could give anyone – it can be daunting, so start with a foundation of basics you feel comfortable in, then add something more ‘out there’. I always stick to a maximum of three colours at any one time – that way, your look will still feel coherent. 

Your style doesn’t have to fit in a specific ‘box’. For example, I live in Paris, but I wouldn’t say I dress in a typically French way. I’m inspired by lots of different things – from fashion magazines to the people around me and of course, Instagram – so I wear what I want.  On the other hand, French style often revolves around comfortable, versatile staples, so in that sense I suppose I am influenced by the Gallic way of dressing. Above all, though, what defines French style is the people – who are really diverse – so don’t let yourself be defined by how you think you should dress.

Before buying anything, imagine yourself wearing it for years. If I like something, it’s important to make sure I can integrate it into my wardrobe and mix it with my vintage pieces. Next on my wish list is a Chanel bag – it’s a classic and a real investment... one that I know I could give to my daughter in the future. I’d also like to get my hands on a matching set by Rejina Pyo – she’s one of my favourite designers.

Every woman should have these four pieces in her summer wardrobe: a floaty midi dress, a linen trouser and top set, white Levi's jeans and a boyfriend shirt.
Every woman should have these four pieces in her summer wardrobe: a floaty midi dress, a linen trouser and top set, white Levi's jeans and a boyfriend shirt.

Every woman should have these four pieces in her summer wardrobe: a floaty midi dress; a linen trouser and top set; white Levi's jeans; and a boyfriend shirt. I’d also recommend a light leather or woven bag (Dragon Diffusion has some lovely designs), a pair of low-heeled mules and some chunky jewellery. They're the kind of classic and elegant pieces that will work well together all season.

A pleated midi skirt is a year-round must-have. You can dress it up for the office with a blouse and heels, or keep it casual for the weekends with a sweater and trainers. It even works for the evening with a delicate top and blazer – it's the one piece in my wardrobe I couldn’t live without. 

There's no ‘secret’ to great style. The most important thing is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel good. If you’re not sure what that is, that’s okay, too – finding your personal style takes time and feeling confident is the most important thing.  


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