10 Things To Ask At A Property Viewing

10 Things To Ask At A Property Viewing

Whether you're renting or buying, there are some vital things you should know before signing on the dotted line. So SL has teamed up with estate agents Portico to find out the 10 most important questions to ask – and things to check yourself – to make sure your moving experience goes as smoothly as possible…

1. What's Included

Confirm whether the previous occupant is planning to leave anything behind, and if you don't want what they're planning to leave, confirm what the plan is to take it out.

2. Breakages, Fixtures & Fittings

If there are any breakages or damage, raise any concerns at the point of viewing the home so you can come to an agreement on what will be fixed before you move in.

3. The Lease

If you're buying the property, make sure you ask important questions, such as the length of lease left on the home and, if it's in a shared building, what the service charges are. These are vital questions to ask before you commit.

4. Estate Agent Fees

If you're renting, what fees will you incur? From deposits to tenant fees, make sure you know and can afford all of these upfront.

5. Previous Occupants

Find out why the previous occupant is leaving and how long they've lived there, who the neighbours are etc. The more you understand about the property and the area, the more you'll know if it's the right one for you.

6. Does Everything Work?

Test taps, showers, radiators, plug sockets and white goods to make sure you're happy with the working order of everything. If you make the agent aware now, arrangements can be made to fix anything you're unhappy with. Maybe ask the previous occupant or estate agent what work has been done on the property in previous years to understand the lifespan of appliances, such as the boiler.

7. Signal Issues

How is the signal and wifi in the area? Check your phone signal whilst at the property and check online how good the wifi is in that particular area.

8. The Bills

If possible, obtain from the previous occupant the rough running costs, including council tax, gas, electric and water to make sure these are all affordable for you.

9. The Local Area

What are the local amenities like? Take a wander around the area and see how far the local shops and transport links are from the home. Is there a doctors surgery and dentist near? Is there a school and are you in the catchment area?

10. Outdoor Space

Is there parking? If there isn't allocated car parking, are there any restrictions on the immediate roads which could affect you? If there's a garden, is it yours or shared? Make sure you find out if you're responsible for the upkeep.
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