11 Games To Play At Your Desk

11 Games To Play At Your Desk

If you're stuck in the office between Christmas and New Year, empty days and offices without much happening can feel endless. Here are 11 online activities to help pass the time that bit quicker…

Pass The Time With A Puzzle

Yes, you can play digital jigsaw puzzles online. Choose from hundreds of layouts, themes and levels of difficulty. Jigsaw Planet is a particular favourite at SheerLuxe – just ask our Style Director Lu.

Visit JigsawPlanet.com


Brush Up On General Knowledge

Trivia buffs should head to Sporcle, a website dedicated to quizzes. From the population density of European cities or naming all 50 of the US states to finishing off famous film lines or naming the elements in the Periodic Table, there’s bound to be something that piques your interest.    

Visit Sporcle.com


Play Cards

Looking to improve your card playing skills with a round of solitaire, gin rummy or whist? There are hundreds of online card games out there. Either compete against an automated opponent or other real-life players – the choice is yours. 

Visit CardGames.io


Have Fun With Board Games

Missing the annual family game of Monopoly by being in the office, head online to find a digital version of the classics. Poki has quite a few of the big names, as well as some niche alternatives. Either play against the computer, or find some online friends.

Visit Poki.com


Find A Distraction In Sudoku

Fans of this classic number puzzle needn’t carry a physical book to keep them occupied. Simply head online to find thousands of free brainteasers. Each one can be set to a different level of difficulty and there’s the option to clear the board if you find you’ve gone wrong. 

Visit WebSudoku.com


Keep It Simple With Wordsearch

One of the simplest but satisfying games out there, log on to find millions of free wordsearch puzzles. Most are free to play and you can even go old school and print them off for later.

Visit TheWordSearch.com


Get Some Digital Exercise

Fill the time by shooting animated hoops with basketball’s biggest stars or join the cricket superstar league. Either way, Crazy Games has plenty of sports-themed entertainment, including niche options like sprinting, skateboarding and crazy golf. 

Visit CrazyGames.com


Crush Some Candy

One of the most famous games to emerge from the iPhone generation, Candy Crush can now be played on desktop. Just be sure your system has Adobe Flash installed, and you’ll be able to play the full suite of options from gaming giant King. 

Visit King.com


Hit The Oregon Trail

Anyone old enough to remember 80s computer games are bound to be nostalgic for The Oregon Trail. Fans of the Sims will love this retro-style video game, where players must ensure the family of five makes it safely to the new frontier.

Visit ClassicReload.com


Get Lost In The Maze

If a maze is all that’s needed to keep you entertained, head online to find all levels of difficulty. From kid-friendly versions all the way up to ‘crazy hard’, it’s a great way to while away the hours during a tedious work day. 

Visit Mazes.ws


Save Santa’s Baubles

Finally, for something really festive, check out this strangely addictive game to save Santa’s chain of baubles from sliding through the ice. Simply match the same coloured baubles in strings of three to slow the process down, giving you the chance to earn more points until the whole lot disappears. 

Visit AKidsheart.com

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