How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

As the ultimate professional network, it has never been more important to build and maintain a stellar LinkedIn presence. With a new job comes a lot of competition, and LinkedIn is the first port of call for any recruiters checking you out. But how can you ensure yours is up to scratch and gets potential employers clicking? We asked Darain Faraz, Careers Expert at LinkedIn, for his top tips on how to maximise your LinkedIn profile.

Picture Perfect

Did you know that users with a profile photo have 21 times more views than members who don’t? Your profile picture gives potential employers a great idea of who you are as a professional, which is why it’s so important that it’s a good reflection of you – if you don’t dress in business wear at work and it would be unusual in your industry, then don’t dress up especially for your profile photo! But while you should try be yourself in your photo, it’s definitely best to leave your holiday selfies and pictures from your latest night out to your private social channels. This short video shows you some small edits you can make to let your picture show you off in your best professional light.

Personalise Your Page

Your name, headline and job title are the first things recruiters and potential employers will see, so make sure that it matches your professional brand. There’s no harm in showing off your personality too – for example, having a fun or witty headline can help you to really stand out from the crowd. The various job titles you’ve collected throughout your career also hint at the professional you are today and give potential employers a good idea of how you got to where you are now. It’s also a good idea to regularly update your profile to include your previous roles and a brief summary of your current role so this doesn’t get out of date.

Tell Your Network What You’ve Been Up To

Status updates are an easy way to update your network on the projects you’ve been working on and the industry topics you’re interested in, providing a snapshot into your professional life. By regularly sharing your opinions and things that interest you, such as an engaging video or article, you can really get in front of your professional community.

Show Off Your Skills

If you list more than five skills on your profile, you’re 27 times more likely to be discovered in searches by recruiters. By keeping your skills and endorsements up to date, recruiters and potential employers will get a great idea of how you work and how you would fit in with the role they’re hiring for.

Make The Most Of The Publishing Platform

Did you know that you can publish articles on LinkedIn about your expertise and interests? Publishing articles on the platform can really help you to show off your professional identity. The articles are shared with your connections and followers in their news feeds. Other members who aren’t in your network can follow you from your article, so it’s a great way of getting your name and opinions out there.

Add Media To Your Profile

Chances are, people looking at your profile are searching for the most relevant information for them. To really pique their interest, try adding media to your page – whether it’s a blog post you’ve written, a photo of you speaking at an event, or a presentation you’re really proud of, real-life examples will help to boost your credibility.

Make The Most Of Groups

It’s not just about who’s in your network, but how you interact with them. Join groups relevant to your industry and join in with discussions to get your name out there. Groups are a fantastic place to chat to other professionals in your field and gain insights into interesting trends, events and new job openings.

Know What You’re Worth

LinkedIn is great for networking, but you can also use it to make sure you’re earning what you deserve. LinkedIn’s Salary Tool uses salary data from LinkedIn’s 570+ million members, so you can compare what you’re earning to your peers, as well as being able to see what others earn in that new role you’re interested in.

Let Recruiters Know You’re Available

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you can let your network know using the ‘Open Candidates’ feature, which allows you to signal to recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities. By switching this on, you’re more likely to get approached with the latest and most relevant jobs for you. Don’t worry though, your current employer won’t be able to see this – it’s only visible to verified recruiters.


The more connections you have, the more powerful and helpful your network will be. While you shouldn't add people you don't know, what makes LinkedIn so unique is its ability to help you create a community of people you can use to build your career. Start by adding people you know well, and build up your network from there using the ‘People You May Know’ page. LinkedIn has some handy tips on how to get started on making connections and connection etiquette here.
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