16 Pieces Of Gym Equipment To Buy Now

Many of us have realised the benefit of owning our own fitness equipment. Whether you’re lucky enough to invest in an exercise bike for an at-home spin class, or you just want some dumbbells and ankle weights to follow a YouTube video, here’s what’s worth the money…


Technogym 1 Rebel Bike, from £2,450

If you can’t live without your weekly spin fix, consider investing in 1Rebel’s at-home bike. You’ll need to subscribe to 1Rebel on top of the bike price, but for a heart-raising, endorphin-boosting workout, it’s worth every penny.

Available here

Frame Gliding Discs, £15

Incorporate these clever gliders into your routine to supercharge everything from mountain gliders to knee tucks. They work by creating instability, and promoting increased strength and burn. Bonus points for the streamlined, space-saving design.

Available here

RPM Training Session 4.0 Speed Rope, £59.95

This small but mighty piece of equipment provides a powerful athletic workout and an intense bout of cardio. With an ergonomic design, this sleek skipping rope is a fitness must-have.

Available here

WaterRower, from £799

Great for building endurance and toning your shoulders, arms, glutes and hamstrings, rowing is a low-intensity, full-body workout. WaterRower’s cult machines are the best on the market, surprisingly compact and – crucially – back in stock.

Available here


SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords, from £27

Up the ante in your strength sessions with this versatile band, a great alternative to the standard resistance band. Available in three different strengths, they’ll provide a full-body workout – try anchoring one to a door or tree for even more variation.

Available here

Mirafit Soft Touch Dumbbells, from £8.95

With a soft neoprene finish, these dumbbells are ideal for protecting floors and avoiding arguments with the neighbours. A foolproof way to build lean muscle, the options are endless when it comes to dumbbells – think bicep curls, chest presses, squats, deadlifts and more.

Available here

Power Plate Healthy Mums Programme Pack, £1,650

Created by a post-natal exercise expert, this 12-week video-led programme is ideal for new mums looking for an effective and time-efficient workout. Proven to assist weight control and metabolism, improve fitness and aid recovery, this kit has everything you need to get you on your way.

Available here

SPRI Adjustable Ankle Weights, £33.94

A great way to provide resistance during isolated exercises like leg lifts and boost the effectiveness of a wider strength session, these ankle weights are an easy way to get toned.

Available here


Therabody Wave Roller, £125

Crafted from hypoallergenic, high-density foam, this vibrating roller will increase blood flow and mobility before and after workouts, and is ideal for runners who spend all day hunched over a screen. With five different speeds, it has recovery sorted.

Available here

Hyperice Mini Hypersphere, £99

Whether it’s a niggling pain in your hip flexor, shoulder or calf, this small but mighty massage ball goes deeper than a foam roller to soothe tight muscles. With three vibration levels, it’ll loosen and release trigger points in as little as 30 seconds.

Available here

Physioparts Balance Trainer, £67.61

A BOSU ball not only helps with stability and balance, but can also be used as a stretching tool to intensify a workout. With flat and rounded sides for different exercises, including for strength and plyometric training, this is a versatile piece of kit.

Available here

Therabody Mini, £175

Therabody’s latest tool is a palm-sized hero. Up to 60% quieter than the brand’s other massage tools, the new Mini harnesses the power of percussive therapy to boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increase flexibility, improve posture and extend your range of motion, all in an easy-to-transport size.

Available here


Merrithew Fitness Circle Pro, £63

Specially designed for adding resistance to upper- and lower-body exercises, this top-quality Pilates ring will activate muscles at a deeper level for added burn. From side-lying leg lifts to tricep presses and more, this is your shortcut to a tighter core, better posture and a perkier bottom.

Available here

Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat, £68

Perfect for all forms of yoga and fitness, this luxe yoga mat is made from super-soft, suede-like material and has revolutionary grip technology designed to grip the more you sweat. Long-lasting and durable, it’s also made from eco-conscious materials.

Available here

Lululemon No Limits Stretching Strap, £15

Whether you’re looking to nail trickier yoga poses or simply deepen your stretch, this simple strap is the answer. Use it in a seated forward fold to release tight hamstrings, or in bow pose to open the chest and improve shoulder mobility. 

Available here

P.Volve Beginner Kit, £64

Comprising of P.volve’s signature ball, light ankle weights and 2lb hand weights, this is a must-have for all-round conditioning. Devoid of burpees and high intensity moves, the P.volve method may look easy but don’t be fooled – you’ll soon feel the burn in your arms, legs and glutes.

Available here

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