How To Get Back In Shape (If It’s Been A While)

How To Get Back In Shape (If It’s Been A While)

Whether you’ve lost your exercise mojo post-Christmas, or you’re looking to kick-start a regime after years of avoidance, we’re here to help motivate you. Cue Louise Parker, Founder of The Louise Parker Method, who’s worked with the likes of Emma Thompson and Kate Middleton no less, as well as transforming people’s lifestyles around the world to help them look and feel great. Here she shares her 7 golden rules for getting back on the fitness bandwagon while being kind to yourself.

Be Realistic

Remember motivation is a temporary swell. Yes, you need it to get you off the starting block, but motivation alone can’t dictate your actions and thoughts for long enough until they themselves become a habit. Therefore, you need stronger reasons for change. Make the process of falling into a new routine as easy and realistic as possible by checking you’re starting a plan that is sustainable and something you can progress at – progression is hugely motivating you’ll need that to keep you going.

Know Your 'Why's

It’s too easy to jump on the next fitness trend and not really think about why it is you want to change. Aesthetics do matter, so having a visual with a beach involved may help – but try to think about the ways your day to day life are impacted hugely. Imagine being the more energetic, positive, pro-active, confident version of yourself. Focus your excitement there – in the day-to-day habit – and the body will be the side effect.

Ease Yourself In

Start by simply moving more daily, this alone will help you ease into an energetic life and wake up that part of you that actually wants to move. Even if it’s going for a walk or doing a few mobility stretches in your living room to start, you will stop thinking about exercise as a burden and remind yourself there is an active person inside of you.

Get Kitted Out

This is partly practical and partly about putting a swagger in your step. Anything badly fitting that makes your heart sink a bit, give to charity. You need very little kit to begin exercising so no need to spend a fortune, but I think it’s important you wear clothing that is fitted and makes you feel good. That alone is motivation in itself. 

Be Positive

Practice a strong mental attitude and a ‘can-do’ approach. This type of mindset and an absolutely-bloody-well-can-do approach is essential to the success of everything in life. What you want out of it you’re going to have to put in.

Do A Digi Detox

This may sound off the beaten track but try and dedicate yourself to ‘digitally detoxing’ from screens and really commit to a pampering bedtime routine. Regular sleep is the simplest way to make huge strides in everything we do. It’s the foundation of your health and it’ll prepare you better mentally to take on exercise.

Find Yourself A Tribe

It helps immensely to be accountable – primarily to yourself, but also to someone you know will support you, or even a tribe of people who share your intentions. You’ll find it a real rod for your motivation when you start. Whether it’s a couple of mates, a sister or neighbour, think of it like a book-club, where you can check in with someone who understands what you’re aiming for and supports your goal.
For more fitness and lifestyle inspiration you can find Louise Parker over on Instagram and via her site.

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