Technogym’s Exciting New Workout Bike

Technogym’s Exciting New Workout Bike

If you’re into exercise, chances are you'll be familiar with Technogym because they supply equipment to over 80,000 gyms worldwide. Now, the latest addition to their range is a high-tech bike that promises the same benefits of a spin class (and is giving the Pelaton bike a run for its money) – but in the comfort of your own home. We spoke to Technogym to find out more…

So, big news for those who want wellness on demand?

Quite. We are thrilled to have launched our Technogym bike - a highly-professional product and a result of our thirty-years experience in the wellness and technology industry. Excitingly, we’re able to offer access to fitness classes from the coolest studios all over the world through our ‘Live’ digital platform that’s accessible through this new high-tech bike.

How does the new tech work to improve fitness?

Developed by Technogym’s Research Center – which has been collaborating with the best sports champions around the world for many years – the bike offers users scientific tracking of their power output and unrivalled user-friendliness.

The bike is also equipped with the strongest type of permanent magnets to ensure an uniquely smooth and the most consistent ride. Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45° make adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy and accurate, making it a simple to reach your fitness goals.

Access to 1Rebel and Revolution is impressive - how does this work?

One is the coolest studio in London and the other is the best fitness club in Milan: users will be able to join live and stream classes with their favourite celebrity trainer, or choose their class, based on trainer, music, duration and language from the comprehensive on-demand library. Classes are developed for different levels, different training objectives and different music styles, so users can build a bespoke session that works best for them.

And can it really deliver the same benefits of a spinning class at home?

As a company we believe in ‘wellness on the go’ with all of our products. Our unique digital ecosystem allows users to connect to their club's training programs and services anywhere and anytime, both on their Technogym equipment or on their smartphone, so you can reap the same effects and benefits as you would if you were in a class. Technogym bike is not in competition with clubs – we simply recognise that sometimes people prefer going to the club to socialise and interact, whereas others prefer working out in the privacy of their own home, it’s all about preference.

Visit for more information, or head to Technogym’s space at Harrods to see the bike in action.

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