Grilled Chicken Salad With Ginger & Lime Dressing

Serves 1
Total Time
25 Minutes
3 pieces of chicken escalope
10g of garlic butter
2g of salt
55g of cooked red and white quinoa
10g of pomegranate seeds
3 pieces of prepped white endive leaves
3 pieces of prepped red endive leaves
30g of green salad mix
1 portion of kholrabi, chilli and radish
10g of vinaigrette
30g of avocado sliced into 1cm pieces
5g of omega seed mix
1g of toasted black and white sesame seeds
1g of micro coriander
50g of ginger & lime dressing
For the ginger & lime dressing
50g of natural yoghurt
2g of lime juice
1g of grated ginger
1g of lime zest
30g of whole milk
Pinch of table salt
Pinch of coarse ground pepper
Step 1

Place the chicken escalopes onto a plate and season with salt on both sides. Place onto a hot grill and cook until marked with grill lines, before turning over and grilling the other side of chicken escalope. Remove from the grill and keep warm. Brush the cooked chicken with garlic butter.

Step 2

To make the dressing, place all the ingredients in a bowl, add the fresh grated ginger and slowly whisk. Next, add in the kohlrabi, red chilli and radish, followed by cooked red and white quinoa. Add pomegranate seeds and the omega seed mix and carefully mix to combine all ingredients.

Step 3

Place the prepped red and white endive leaves onto a cold plate, alternating red then white. Place the green salad leaf mix onto the centre of the plate. Spoon the dressed quinoa mix onto the leaves. Place three pieces of sliced avocado on top of the quinoa.

Step 4

Place the cooked chicken escalopes neatly onto the salad, sprinkle over the toasted black and white sesame seeds and garnish with micro coriander.

Recipe courtesy of Granary Square Brassierie

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