Brown Rice Sushi Bowl With Crispy Tofu
Brown Rice Sushi Bowl With Crispy Tofu

Brown Rice Sushi Bowl With Crispy Tofu

A sushi bowl – also known as a poke bowl – is essentially a Japanese version of a chipotle bowl and it's best to think of it as a deconstructed sushi roll. It's also far easier to make than traditional sushi, and makes for a delicious healthy lunch or light supper.

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1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 block of firm tofu, roughly cut into 2 cm cubes
1 tbsp of tamari
1 tbsp of sesame oil
Juice of 1 lime
200-250g of pre-cooked brown rice
1 tbsp of mirin
½ tsp of salt
1 jar of pickled ginger & juices
2 tbsp of mixed sesame seeds
1 large handful of coriander & stalks
2-3 sheets of nori
2 spring onions, roughly chopped
1-2 tbsp of wasabi
Step 1

In a medium frying pan on high heat add the coconut oil. Once hot add the tofu and tamari and fry for 5-8 minutes until beginning to crisp up. Remove from the heat and toss in the sesame oil and lime juice.

Step 2

In a large bowl combine the rice, mirin, salt, pickled ginger and sesame seeds.

Step 3

Place the coriander and nori in a high speed blender or NutriBullet and pulse a few times until course. Fold into the brown rice.

Step 4

Once ready to serve divide the brown rice up over to bowls and top with the tofu and spring onion.

Step 5

Serve with some wasabi on the side. Season further with some more tamari if you think it needs it.

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