14 TikTok Accounts To Follow For Cooking Inspiration
14 TikTok Accounts To Follow For Cooking Inspiration

14 TikTok Accounts To Follow For Cooking Inspiration

To save you scrolling through countless TikTok recipes, we’ve rounded up our favourite food accounts to follow now. From content creators with weeknight dinner inspo to private chefs whipping up adventurous dishes, these are the names to know.
By Sherri Andrew

For Chef Tips:

Wishbone Kitchen

Meredith Hayden is a private chef and recipe developer who takes her shopping trolley around NYC, then heads to the Hamptons with her clients in the summer. From ten-minute dinner ideas to elaborate five-course meals for a special night with the girls, there are recipes for every occasion. We also love her hauls at the farmers markets and the ‘come shopping with me’ videos.

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For Excellent Cocktails:

Join Jules

Jules started making cocktails with her sister in lockdown before launching her TikTok account three years ago. Compared to other mixologists on the app, her recipes are easy to follow and use minimal ingredients, so you can learn to make classic cocktails with just a few things, as well as more unusual combinations you’ll want to serve at your next dinner party – mint martinis, anyone?

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making wishbonekitchen’s buffalo wing style chicken thighs !! have not stopped thinking about them since i saw the video and wowowowowwowo so YUM

♬ original sound - Mads

For Comfort Dishes:

Crip & Dip

Maddi is like the best friend you didn’t know you needed. We love her ‘carbs before a night out are a must’ video series, in which she makes a quick dinner with a classic cocktail or two – think crispy chicken chilli noodles with negronis. She also shares the ingredients or food trends she’s loving, from pickled veg to pho takeaways.

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2024 is about choosing health, wealth, and, most importantly, ourselves. Taking charge of our lives by making those small changes will make a big difference. And, for me, opting for this avocado oil from @Chosen Foods as my daily cooking oil is one of the ways I’ll be practicing mindful consumption for a long, healthy, and better life ahead. Feel free to use code ROBLI for 35% off all products on the Chosen Foods website. :) #ChosenPartner

♬ original sound - Rob Li

For Aspirational Content:

Rob Li

Rob Li is a private chef in the Hamptons where he cooks up a storm for billionaire clients. During his short but informative videos, he shares catering tips and techniques with 750k+ followers. You might not have the ingredients to cook all the dishes, but his content is both relaxing and fascinating.

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Happy Diwali! Wherever you're celebrating I hope your have a wonderful day ❤️ full recipe on IG x #diwali #butterchicken #recipe #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Seema Pankhania

For World Cuisine:

Seema Pankhania

Seema Pankhania left Mob a few years ago to pursue solo projects, and has amassed over 1.2m followers on TikTok thanks to her honest food reviews, tasty recipes and ‘national dish’ videos in which she recreates delicacies from around the world. Seema loves all kinds of Asian food, so look out for her noodle recipes and curries.

Follow @SeemaGetsBaked

For Special Dinner Inspo:

Kristen Faith Eats

If you want to go all out and find the best-quality produce you can for a special meal at home, US-based home cook Kristen Faith will show you how to cook it. Think premium fillet steak, scallops and short beef ribs. From her simple but aesthetically pleasing kitchen, Kristen cooks dishes with seasonal produce – we’ve saved the roasted chicken piccata with artichoke chips video for Sunday lunch. Kristen has a Substack with weekly recipes if you want more content.

Follow @KristenFaith_Eats


The perfect steak recipe! Ingredients: Steak seasoning blend: Monteral seasoning Mixed herbs Coarse salt Black pepper All purpose seasoning Chimichurri : Parsley Red chilli pepper Garlic Coarse salt Black pepper Dried oregano Red wine vinegar Olive oil Garlic infused olive oil Compound butter: Softened butter Sage & rosemary Shallots Garlic #fyp #fypシ゚viral #steak #steaktiktok #chimichurri #steakandmash #london #foodblogger #privatechef #finedining #foodtiktok

♬ original sound - @AURISCUISINE | Chef Auri

For Afro-Caribbean Dishes:

Auri’s Cuisine

If you want to make proper jerk chicken, jollof rice or curry goat, follow London-based chef and caterer Auri. She also takes her followers behind the scenes on prepping and cooking for events, with tips on how to cook for big groups. Forget pretentious cooking and overcomplicated steps, this is soul food at its best.

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🍕 Pizza Sandwich, the only way ill be eating pizza now because im team fold! IB @Helan Shabani

♬ Oui oui oui oui - Sacha Distel

For Tasty Home Treats:

Hajar Larbah

Whether you want to switch up your go-to breakfast or prep something extra tasty for lunch, Hajar Larbah has recipes for everyone. They’re easy to follow and incredibly varied, so you’ll never run out of inspiration from her thousands of videos. We’ve been enjoying her Ramadan series in which she makes snacks and desserts to enjoy at Iftar.

Follow @MoriByan

For Next-Level Patisserie:

Pastry Chef Am

Forget Cédric Grolet, Magrì Alberto is the Italian pastry chef you’ll want to watch for hours. With over six million followers, the chef makes patisserie treats on a grand scale, like huge cakes, flans, profiteroles and croissants. You’ll need his spacious stainless-steel kitchen – and a lot of skill – to recreate the dishes, but it might give you inspo to make something new at home. 

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Actually quick one pot Thai green noodles This is the recipe that I make when I don’t want to cook but want something fresh, filling and healthy. Its super versatile, you can swap the vegetables for whatever you have in your fridge and use whatever protein you like. Tip all into one pan, cover and leave to simmer until everything is cooked. Portion up and feel free to top with extra spring onion, coriander and some chilli. You will need to serve 2 450 kcal and 24g protein 1 tin light coconut milk 2 heaped tbsp Thai green curry paste 2 tbsp each fish and soy sauce 1/2 chicken stock cube 1 carrot, julienne or peeled into ribbons Handful tender stem broccoli 1 red pepper 3 tbsp peas or edamame 160g raw prawns 2 spring onion 2 nests of dried egg noodles Tip the coconut milk into a large saucepan. Fill the tin back up with water and tip in. Add the Thai paste, chicken stock cube, soy and fish sauce. Bring up to a simmer. Prep your veg in the meantime. Mix, add the noodles into the centre, veg and prawns around. Cover with a lid and let simmer for 4-5 minutes until everything is cooked. Serve and enjoy. Left overs will keep for 2 days. #quickrecipes #healthy #easyrecipe

♬ original sound - Emily English

For Balanced Food:

Em The Nutritionist

One of our favourite content creators on this list, Emily English makes healthy, balanced meals you’ll actually want to eat – and have the ingredients for at home. After becoming a registered nutritionist and working through a complicated relationship with food, she now educates her followers on the benefits of various foods and how to pack in as many vitamins as possible. Top dishes include her gyoza ramen, crispy chicken with cabbage slaw, and meal-prep sausage muffins.

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OODLES OF NOODLES • EP 9: Miến Gà 🍜🐓 Yes she might look clean and simple but she is definitely not short of pure fragrance and comforting flavours. There are endless varieties of chicken noodle soups out there but Mien Ga is firmly one of my favourites! I actually made a slightly different version of this for a supper club once and it went down a treat! So why not give it go?? The best part has to be the crispy shallots & crispy garlic oil because it takes eating a regular chicken noodle soup to putting you infant of the gateways of heaven. Enjoy! Xxx •Ingredients (makes 3-4 bowls): 2.5 litres water 4-6 free range chicken thighs, with skins & bones 1 small onion, halved 2 carrots, quartered 4 sprigs spring onion, halved 5x 1cm thick slices of ginger 2x 1inch blocks of daikon 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp chicken powder 1 tsp msg 2 tbsp fish sauce 1 cube palm sugar 2 shallots, finely sliced 100ml veggie oil 10-12 garlic cloves, minced Pinch of salt & sugar 200-250g glass vermicelli noodles *After 45mins-1hr gentle simmer, season to taste. I used: 2 tbsp fish sauce 1 tsp pepper •Garnish: -finely sliced spring onion, chillies & coriander -crispy shallots, crispy garlic oil & cracked pepper optional: squeeze of lime ***My bowl is from @madeinjapanuk 🥣 •Tips: -wash your chicken, put in salted boiling water for 2-3mins to draw out all impurities & drain (this cleans chicken properly + keeps broth clear) -start stock pot with cold water and turn heat up -when chicken, aromatics & seasonings are in, bring to gentle simmer for 45mins-1hr for optimal result. -dont get oil too hot for shallots and garlic as you want the fragrance drawn out without burning it too quickly -drain shallots & garlic a minute or 2 before you think it’s ready as the residual heat will keep cooking it. Ie don’t wait until it goes brown otherwise it will burn -soak glass noodles in boiling water for 10 mins, drain & rinse with cold water. Microwave a portion of noodles for 1 minute before adding broth #mienga #oodlesofnoodles #glassnoodles #noodlerecipe #noodles #homecooking #vietnamesefood #vietnamesenoodles #chickensoup #chickennoodlesoup #asiancooking #comfortfood

♬ La vie en rose (Cover Edith Piaf) - 田东昱

For Tasty Asian Food:

Nguyen Yeats-Brown

Nguyen Yeats-Brown takes her followers around London – and the world – to discover under-the-radar restaurants serving the best Asian food. She also recreates her favourites after stocking up at her local Chinese supermarket. For a delicious meal you’ll want to create time and again, try her dan dan mian noodles with chilli oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork and spring onions. 

Follow @ItsGnochGnoch


Deep green vegan pasta. A delicious and nourishing health boost for these colder months ahead. Takes no time at all to make, uses just five ingredients and just so happens to be vegan. Although I do love it with a dollop if whipped ricotta on top. This makes enough sauce for 4-5 portions. 250g cavolo nero, 200g spinach, 1 clove of garlic, 1 lemon, 100ml olive oil. #pasta #recipe #cooking #vegan #healthy #delicious #fyp

♬ original sound - Julius Roberts

For Wholesome Content:

Julius Roberts

Julius Roberts quit his job in the City to move to a farm in south Dorset, where he tends to his chickens and goats in the morning, before cooking seasonal dishes in his kitchen. He’ll inspire you to try new ways with vegetables and find the beauty in eating with the seasons. Simple and delicious. 

Follow @Julius.Roberts

For Vegan Dishes:

Natalia Rudin

Vegan cooking doesn’t have to be carb-heavy or repetitive, and there are plenty of TikTok chefs to prove it. One of our favourites is Natalia Rudin, who creates tasty, vibrant dishes packed with fruit and veg. She makes lots of hearty stews, as well as dishes topped with pickles and generous bowls of pasta full of plant-based protein. A wise follow for meat-free Mondays.

Follow @NatsNourishments


the calm before the storm #dinnerparty #privatechef ps love you @JOE & THE JUICE

♬ original sound - Maddy DeVita

For Dinner Party Inspo:

Hand Me The Fork

Maddy DeVita is a private chef who cooks for a family of four in NYC. She’s also a recipe developer who shares her inventive creations with her thousands of followers. The Italian-American has a mini series with her Nonna in which they create their favourite family dishes, from 12-hour sauce to tiramisu – and posts regular ‘day in the life’ videos and grocery hauls. You’ll want to bookmark her recommendations for your next trip to the city.

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