What 2 Foodies Buy At Costco
What 2 Foodies Buy At Costco

What 2 Foodies Buy At Costco

It’s not just the epic birthday cakes that make a Costco membership worth it – the chain also stocks supersized products from some of our favourite food brands, as well as plenty of fresh produce. Here, we asked two foodies to explain what they pick up when they make the trip…
By Sherri Andrew

Dominique Woolf

Chef & Cookbook Author

Sirloin Steak: Costco has great- quality and great- value steak. I use it in curries and stir fries such as a Thai red beef and peanut curry, sticky hoisin beef dish, or kimchi beef peanut butter ramen topped with a jammy soft-boiled egg and kimchi.

Chicken Thighs: Thighs are juicier than breast and Costco has good-quality boneless and bone-in thighs. I use them in all manner of dishes like curries, salads, sandwiches and my go-to tamarind and Thai green curry chicken and rice traybake.

Crevettes: Again, these are good value and good quality. Crevettes – small, long shrimp – make a delicious but simple starter. I like to serve them with a homemade sriracha mayo. You can also get big king prawns which you can throw in the freezer and quickly defrost for a midweek meal. 

Gravadlax: This is a great option for a dinner party starter. The dill mustard dressing is delicious – pair it with a salad or crusty bread and good-quality butter. 

Halloumi: Supermarket halloumi can be expensive, so it makes sense to buy a large pack. My family loves it, so I always like to have some in the fridge. I fry it in slices until golden, then cut it into cubes to use as ‘croutons’ for soup. I also love halloumi in salads, or with tomato and chilli in a stir fry.

Filo Spinach Twist Pie: This is a tasty item to have in the freezer. It makes an easy weekend lunch with a side salad. The whole family loves it. 

Ginger: The quality is excellent, so I stock up on loads. You can then freeze it and defrost when needed. Ginger forms the base of numerous dishes, from curries and marinades to ramen. I also juice it for homemade ginger shots.

Thai Red Curry Paste: We get through a lot of this in my household, so a big tub is useful. I use it in curries, soups, ramen and more.

Smoked Paprika: I use this in dishes like chillis, and sausage and bean stews. The La Chinata paprika adds sweet notes and complexity to savoury meals. 

Maldon Sea Salt: I use this in all my cooking – it’s an essential item and far better for you than table salt. 

Black Peppercorns: Having a large stash ready to be ground down is always helpful. Again, half a kilo goes a long way.

Sriracha: You’ll find 730ml bottles of Flying Goose’s hot chilli sriracha and mayonnaise sriracha. I like to make my own mayo and drizzle it over noodles and dishes like sticky chilli chicken.

Unsalted Mixed Nuts: Perfect for snacking, these are excellent value and come in 1kg bags. They contain cashews, almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts. A bag of unsalted cashews also comes in handy for Thai stir fries, while pecans are my preferred choice in granola. 

Maple Syrup: A 1l bottle of this costs around £10.99. Maple syrup doesn’t contain any refined sugar, so it’s a great choice for homemade granolas and drizzled over sweet breakfast dishes, like a kefir muesli bowl. It also adds sweetness to sauces and dressings. 

Dried Mango: My kids love to snack on this and get through it quickly, so a big size is useful.

Flaxseed: We sprinkle these over our breakfasts, along with chia seeds for flavour and fibre. 

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Hannah Jones

Private Chef

Salmon Fillets: Costco's fresh salmon fillets are great quality and can be grilled with lemon and herbs, baked with a honey mustard glaze, or pan-seared with a soy ginger marinade for Asian-inspired dishes. They also have hot smoked salmon and whole fish which you can portion and freeze.  

Organic Chicken Breasts: These are a lifesaver if you’re feeding a big family or catering for larger groups (like dinner parties or special occasions). During the summer I like to marinate them in herbs and spices – whatever I have in the fridge – with lots of garlic, lemon zest, and olive oil. I then fire up the barbecue and serve them with a lemony pasta and a big Greek salad.

Organic Eggs: Costco's organic eggs are great for making fluffy omelettes, frittatas loaded with veggies, or baking homemade quiches for brunch. They also sometimes have avocados if you want to make a big dish of guacamole.

Greek Yogurt: Costco's 1kg tubs of Greek yogurt are ideal for all kinds of dishes – think tzatziki, yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola, or tangy marinades for chicken or lamb.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is an everyday staple for drizzling over bruschetta, tossing with pasta and roasted veg, or making homemade salad dressings with balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. I’ve used the Filippo Berio bottles for years. 

Almond Butter: Any nut butter is my weakness, but I particularly love almond butter, which I enjoy spread on wholegrain toast with sliced bananas or stirred into porridge with honey and cinnamon. I also like to make almond butter cookies dipped in dark chocolate and topped with desiccated coconut. 

Baguettes: I’m a big fan of bake-at-home baguettes which you finish cooking in the oven. There are lots of great recipes popping up on TikTok and I was recently inspired by a sub filled with pastrami, cheese, mayo, salad, gherkins and a honey mustard mayo. Delicious with a few crisps and cornichons on the side. 

Lavazza Coffee: This is my favourite brand – rich, aromatic and easily drinkable. The 1kg bag goes a long way and certainly saves money. Plus, it’s a staple in the summer when I want a quick affogato with homemade pistachio ice-cream. 

Olives: I eat these straight from the jar as a snack, tossed into salads for a briny edge, and cooked down for a savoury tapenade.

Geeta's Mango Chutney: This isn’t too sweet, and the addition of nigella seeds make it taste authentic. A must-have condiment for a great curry. I also use it as a glaze for grilled chicken or fish or spread it a sandwich with cheese and pickles.

Ortiz Tuna Fillets: Tinned fish is another weakness of mine. I could happily eat these drizzled with a little olive oil and served with crusty bread, or straight from the tin. Cook them down with butter, garlic and Mutti tomatoes for a delicious pasta sauce. 

Tajin Seasoning: This Mexican seasoning is so moreish. Use it in place of paprika or in a salt-rimmed glass for a spicy margarita or picante. 

Honey: Honey is expensive these days, especially if you go through tubs at the rate I do. It’s so useful in baking, marinades, dressings, and drizzled over Greek yogurt with granola. 

Quinoa: A healthy and balanced choice, quinoa can be a little bland, but it’s always useful to have in the cupboard. It comes alive with a zesty dressing – extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh garlic, dried oregano and seasoning. I also make a big pot of quinoa salad with roasted veg to enjoy throughout the week. 

Frozen Berries: Costco's mixed frozen berries are a freezer staple. Blend them into smoothies, bake into muffins or pies, or use them to top off oatmeal and yogurt bowls.

Frozen Edamame: This can be steamed and seasoned with sea salt for a snack, or blended into creamy edamame hummus.


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