What’s New In Food This Month
What’s New In Food This Month

What’s New In Food This Month

From delivery kits and sweet treats to a new deli in Finsbury Park, there are plenty of exciting launches to know about in the food world right now.
By Sherri Andrew

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

Wildfarmed Bread

Six years ago, after learning about the food industry’s negative environmental impact, Andy Cato (one-half of iconic music duo Groove Armada) bought a farm in France. After teaming up with his mates and Edd Lees and George Lamb, the trio founded Wildfarmed to make regenerative flour from fields that have no pesticides or chemicals applied to growing crops. This month, the brand’s bread is available exclusively at Waitrose, with 100% of the wheat used grown with regenerative farming techniques that aim to restore and improve soil health and biodiversity. You can currently choose from white or seeded white bread, sourdough loaves and white rolls – none of which contain any preservatives or ‘hidden’ ingredients.

Visit Waitrose.com


Canned cocktails can be hit and miss, but new brand Mixtons makes zingy and refreshing drinks you’ll actually want to enjoy in the sunshine. With its cool, colourful branding, the drinks look and taste good, particularly the ‘Spicy Melons’, which is a twist on a picante, with tequila, watermelon, lime and chilli. Other flavours include the ‘Guilty Passion’ with vodka, passionfruit, mango and lychee, or there’s the ‘Dragon Mojo’ with rum, mint, kiwi and dragon fruit. Expect to see them served at festivals up and down the country this summer. 

Visit Mixtons.com

Madame Sum

Love dumplings but don’t have the time to make them at home? This new premium dumpling brand was created by a collective of Swiss foodies and chefs who wanted restaurant-standard dim sum at home without spending hours in the kitchen. Flavours include classic pork gyozas, and chicken and shiitake dumplings, as well as more unusual dumplings filled with smoked BBQ brisket, saffron seabass, and even lasagne. There are also sweet options, like Nutella and apple crumble. Each pack is delivered frozen, ready to be steamed at home.

Visit MadameSum.uk

Hidden Fruits

Few snacks have created the same buzz in the SL office as Hidden Fruits, available on Gopuff and at various delis around London. Created by husband-and-wife Manuel and Fiona, each pot contains British raspberries (frozen at their peak ripeness) covered in white and milk Belgian chocolate. Simple, delicious and incredibly moreish, just take them out the freezer ten minutes before enjoying. 

Visit HiddenFruits.co.uk

Appetite App

This new app is designed to connect users to food brands and restaurants around the world – and help friends make dinner plans together. You can make reservations at restaurants across the UK, discover under-the-radar spots you might not know about, and unlock weekly free dishes – think falafel pittas from Miznon. Users can also plan meals with friends and sync calendars (so you know when everyone is free), vote on dining options and browse other user’s reviews and top picks. Follow your friends, favourite foodies and content creators, and track all the spots you’ve visited on your personal map.

Visit AppetiteApp.uk

Smug Dairy

Smug Dairy offers customers the best of both worlds – it’s made with both dairy and oat milk. Containing 40% less saturated fat and saving up to 54% CO2e emissions per kg compared to traditional dairy, each product is as creamy as its traditional counterpart. You can currently choose from milk, butter and cheese – and because of the dairy content, they spread, bubble and bake just like traditional dairy products. You’ll find the range in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores nationwide.

Visit SmugDairy.com

Matcha Matcha UK

We recently spotted this brand on TikTok, so we were excited to try its ceremonial-grade matcha, which comes from Japan’s Uji region. Antioxidant-rich and containing just the right amount of caffeine (as opposed to coffee which can leave some people jittery), its matcha is sustainably sourced and grown without the use of pesticides. Use a matcha whisk to make yours into a paste, before serving it with hot or cold milk. We like ours made into ice-cream using the viral Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker.

Visit MatchaMatchaUK.com

10-Day Balance Plan by Detox Kitchen

Rated by foodies, nutritionists and those in the know, Detox Kitchen delivers healthy, balanced meals to your doorstep. This month, the team launched a ten-day balance plan to support hormone health. Drawing on the latest research, the plan focuses on nutrient-rich foods and gut-friendly ingredients to support overall wellness. A day on the plan might start with an orange and ginger shot and a green juice, followed by waffles with strawberry compote, teriyaki tofu for lunch, and salmon with roasted veg for dinner. Meals are delivered each morning, and kits include snacks, dessert (think soya chocolate mousse) and tea bags to keep you sated all day. Plus, the brand has partnered with The Yoga Class Co, so you’ll get access to eight recorded classes that align with the different hormonal phases (in your menstrual cycle or menopause), as well as a few wellness goodies.

Visit DetoxKitchen.co.uk

Sylt Picking Juices

East London start-up Sylt has created five unique pickling liquids, ready to be transferred into jars at home with your favourite veg. Created by two friends who wanted a fuss-free pickling solution that didn’t take hours, the brand has five pickling liquids: dill and mustard, scotch bonnet and lemon, juniper and sage, 'balsamico' and basil, and spiced apple with cinnamon. All you have to do is chop your chosen veg and herbs – the options are endless, but you could start with cucumber and dill, red onions and cabbage, or radishes. Then, submerge the veg in a larger jar overnight to have fresh pickles by the morning. 

Visit SyltPickling.co.uk

N5 Kitchen

N5 Kitchen is a female founded and led kitchen in Finsbury Park. The team started out as a catering business feeding London’s fashion scene, with clients such as Nigella Lawson, Naomi Campbell and Jimmy Choo. They’ve just opened a neighbourhood kitchen space in a former Sylvanian Families toy shop. There’s a daily changing menu for breakfast and lunch, with menu highlights include ’nduja and poppy seed sausage rolls; pistachio, orange and dark chocolate cookies; vanilla sprinkle cake; and lunch bowls like roast chicken, kale and fennel salad with ricotta. The space also has a deli shop where you can stock up on buckets of Maldon salt, bagel seasonings and more. 

68 Mountgrove Road, Finsbury Park, N5 2LT

Visit N5Kitchen.com


Ashwagandha is a buzzy thing in the wellness world. The adaptogenic herb could help you unwind, relax and improve your sleep quality. Nuccy has created four nut butters containing ashwagandha – the body absorbs the adaptogen better when combined with healthy fats, making the butters an efficient combo. Choose from almond, peanut, hazelnut or chocolate spread – all of which are made with organic ingredients and don’t contain any palm oil or additives. Perfect spread on toast, drizzled over porridge or mixed into a smoothie.

Visit Nuccy.co.uk

Sage InFizz Fusion

Sage makes some of the best kitchen appliances on the market, so we were excited to hear it has launched the InFizz Fusion for sparkling drinks at home. Not just for sparkling water, the kitchen-top device can be used to re-carbonate fizzy drinks (no more flat Diet Coke) and elevate drinks from sparkling fruit juices to alcoholic beverages. The machine has a clever CO2 cap so you can control the level of fizziness, as well as an easy twist-and-lock system to help you make drinks in seconds. 

Visit JohnLewis.com

Wasted Wine Club

Each year huge quantities of wine go to waste – last year, France alone destroyed more than 300 million litres of wine. Wasted Wine Club aims to cut down some of that waste by making wine with the excess from independent winemakers around Europe. These aren’t just the dregs of barrels that no one wants – bottles are high quality and carefully tasted before being selected for bottling. Helping to minimise waste and create a sustainable solution for surplus wine, there are currently four bottles to choose from, including a South African pinotage and a chenin.

Visit WastedWine.Club 

Moi by Mademoiselle Desserts

Mademoiselle Desserts started small in France, before it went on to supply some of the country’s best bakeries with its pastries and desserts. Now, you too can enjoy its mini beignets – light, soft and fluffy bite-sized desserts made from buttery brioche dough. There are four different flavours: hazelnut and cocoa, red fruits, apple, and speculoos. Smaller and softer than a doughnut, but with a similar texture and flavour, they’re seriously tasty. 

Visit MoiByMD.co.uk


Another sweet treat to satisfy a post-dinner craving, Doughlicious has had a brand refresh and created a few new products. Its cold range includes gelato bites with a cookie dough exterior, with flavours like choc chip, cinnamon churro, popcorn, and blueberry. You can also tuck into its ready-to-bake cookie dough that can be eaten defrosted or popped into the air fryer for a freshly baked treat. Best of all, no product is too sweet, and none contain refined sugar, artificial additives or preservatives. From the current range, we like the mint choc chip flavour.

Visit Doughlicious.co.uk

Bolney Wines

Sussex wine estate Bolney has two new summer bottles to try. Launching at the end of the month, the English Vines Rosé 2023 is 100% pinot noir and has notes of strawberry, watermelon and peach, with a dry finish on the palate. The English Garden Spritz is a low-alcohol spritz (6% ABV) made from Bolney’s own vermouth and botanicals from its estate kitchen garden. Expect aromas of fresh grapefruit, lemon and white jasmine bubble. This summer, pair the drinks with light and fresh dishes, as well as charcuterie boards and grilled seafood. 

Visit BolneyWineEstate.com


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