What’s New At The Supermarket This Month

What’s New At The Supermarket This Month

From brand new pestos to washing up hacks, there are numerous new products to add to your basket this month. Here’s what to look out for at your local…


The range of pestos from Casalingo has upped our pasta game of late. From a delicately flavoured beetroot iteration, to the pack-a-punch cauliflower and garlic, they're guaranteed to be an exciting addition to your store cupboard.

Available at Ocado.com

Cornish Sea Salt Co

The core range of this British brand shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, their crystal and smoked salt flakes not only deliver a powerful dose of sodium to your cooking, they also help replace essential minerals and electrolytes, which in turn regulate hydration levels.

Available at Tesco.com

Create A Cake

Those of you continuing with your lockdown-induced baking might be beginning to explore recipes beyond the trusty banana bread. But let’s be honest – no one enjoys mountains of washing up. Avoid having to scrub at bits of burnt-on cake mixture with these handy tin liners.  

Available at Waitrose.com

Deli Kitchen

Bring a taste of Greece into your kitchen this summer with these deli-style flatbreads. Great for those looking for a lighter carb option, they contain a higher proportion of fibre, and can be used to make homemade sandwiches or kebabs. 

Available at Sainsburys.co.uk


Flavoured gins continue to be popular, but Aldi has taken it one step further by expanding their own range, Elements by Haysmith’s. Earth, Water, Air and Fire evoke the different characteristics of their namesakes for a delicious tipple, depending on your mood. 

Available at Aldi.co.uk

Purely Plantation Chips

Available in Naturally Salted, Wild Garlic and Nice and Spicy, Purely Plantain Chips are kettle cooked, and only use sustainably-farmed, sun-baked plantains grown in the rich soils of Ecuador. Best of all, they're low in sugar, but high in fibre and potassium. 

Available at Ocado.com

Minor Figures

Specialising in high-quality oat m*lk and coffee at their East London microbrewery, Minor Figures now sells pre-blended lattes and mochas, so you can enjoy a little barista magic from the comfort of your own home.

Available at Ocado.com

Good Earth 

This kombucha brand uses the finest black teas from around the world, which are then brewed and fermented with live bacteria. Using organic ingredients, the Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice is fresh and fruity, while Natural Ginger comes with more of a kick.

Available at Ocado.com

Red Leg Rum

Red Leg Rum is left to rest in oak barrels and infused with Jamaican ginger and vanilla spices. Offering an instantly sweet scent followed by a warming ginger aroma, this satisfying combination of sugar and spice creates an incredibly smooth taste. Try the Spiced variety with added caramelised pineapple for a truly Caribbean flavour.

Available at Tesco.com

Sauce Shop

Made using aged chillies for an intensely punchy flavour, it only takes five simple ingredients to make this award-winning hot sauce. Pair with everything from stir fries to BBQs, or mix it with plain or natural yoghurt to create your own spicy dip. 

Available at Sainsburys.co.uk

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