7 Ways To Boost Your Morning Coffee

7 Ways To Boost Your Morning Coffee

Want to get your day off to a healthier start but can’t face ditching your flat white? You aren’t alone. Saves for ‘healthy coffees’ are now up by 218% on Pinterest as more of us seek nourishing alternatives. So, we asked leading London nutritionist, Lily Soutter, for easy ways to boost your morning brew so you don’t have to forego it completely. From chucking in some protein to adding an antioxidant hit, here are seven simple add-ons she recommends…

Try Adding: BEETROOT

The Benefits: this is a real love/hate option. However, beetroot lattes are becoming hugely popular. Beetroot juice is rich in nitrates which helps to stimulate nitric oxide production. In turn, this lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow and has been shown to improve aerobic capacity, as well as exercise endurance. It could be the perfect pre-workout boost you’ve been looking for – not to mention, a great all-rounder, as beetroot is packed with potassium, iron and vitamin C. You can find powders and beetroot blends at most supermarkets, but Waitrose do some of the best.


The Benefits: mushroom coffee is the next ‘big thing’ and with good reason. Sun-ripened mushrooms are unique in that they are particularly high in vitamin D – which is perfect for vegans or vegetarians if they need an extra boost. Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, immune function and even mood, so it’s worth adding a little to your next brew. The addition of these types of medicinal mushrooms have also been shown to counteract the jittery effects that often come with coffee. There are many options on the market, but Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix is consistently well-rated. 


The Benefits: if you are an after-dinner coffee drinker and love your Affogato (coffee with a scoop of ice cream), then why not try one with a protein twist? Look to ice creams that are rich in protein and low in sugar. My personal favourite is the Halo Top ice creams as they have up to 24 grams of protein and are a far healthier option than other alternatives on the shelves. You could save 260 calories while enjoying a sweet treat which is guilt-free.

Try Adding: CINNAMON

The Benefits: a pinch of this delicious spice can deliver a sweet flavour without the need to add sugar. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, too, which protect against free radical damage and boost health generally. What’s more, it is currently under research for its anti-inflammatory properties. A powerhouse addition, that’s for sure.

Try Adding: CACAO

The Benefits: cacao can make the perfect addition to your coffee. Apart from tasting great, it is jam-packed full of antioxidants called flavonols which are a type of polyphenol that have benefits for cardiovascular health. It is also a great way of boosting your fibre levels and contains magnesium for an extra health kick. However, as cacao provides additional caffeine be mindful of overall intake if you are particularly sensitive and get jittery.


The Benefits: if you love a morning boost then cayenne pepper will definitely give you that kick. This spice is particularly rich in a component called capsaicin which has anti-inflammatory properties - hence some people advise taking it to reduce the pain of arthritis. It’s also said to boost metabolism and digestive health. You only need a little dash - a heavy hand will leave your mouth burning.

Try Adding: GINGER

The Benefits: if you’re in need of a winter warmer, additional ginger will certainly help to satisfy. Plus, it’s known to help ward off colds and flu, making it ideal for this time of year. What’s more, it could also be a winner if you’re hungover as ginger is a common home remedy to combat nausea.

For more nutritional advice and tips, head over to LilySoutterNutrition.com 

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