9 Expert Tips Guaranteed To Reset Your Diet Post-Summer

9 Expert Tips Guaranteed To Reset Your Diet Post-Summer

Have endless BBQs and rosé sessions left you feeling lumpy, bumpy and like you’ve over done it? SL Contributor Tor Cardona caught up with the industry’s top nutritionists for their golden rules on getting back on track after a summer of indulgence.

Eat The Rainbow

“Upping your veggie intake is one of the simplest things you can do to balance out a period of indulgence. Vegetables are rich in phytonutrients and fibre, a combination that can help to reduce inflammation. Aim for 10 portions a day – including some veg with your breakfast is the easiest way to achieve this. Try dishes like a vegetable omelette with a side salad or a vegetable smoothie.” – Rebecca Pilkington, Naturopathic Nutritionist

Break The Booze Cycle

“Start by recognising your drinking patterns: do you drink at home to relax or out when seeing friends? From there, find alternatives to the scenarios you drink in, so try and see if a post-work yoga class or bath will help to blow off steam instead. If drinking is part of the work diary, try to be mindful about what you’re consuming. Your best options are a dry red wine or a clear spirit like vodka with sparkling water and fresh lime, and always order the smallest option. Try to keep your drinking to just one night a week.” – Angelique Panagos, Nutritional Therapist

Forget Calorie Restriction

“One of the biggest mistakes I see women making when it comes to getting their diet back on track is severely cutting calories. Calorie restriction can be viable in the short term (up to four weeks, depending on the individual) but I wouldn’t recommend anything extreme. If you consistently eat less than 50-80% of your calorie requirements for consecutive days you’re at risk of metabolic disruption, physiological changes and a significant mental strain. In the long run, it’s this persistent caloric restriction that leads to weight fluctuations so forget yo-yo dieting and find a healthy way of eating that works for your lifestyle.” – Gabriela Peacock, Nutritionist & Founder of GP Nutrition

Be Wary Of Probiotics

“Probiotics are great to take on holiday but make sure you’re alternating the strains you’re taking in order to repopulate with a wide diversity of species. Also remember that probiotics aren’t a cure-all – for example, if you have a bacterial overgrowth or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) then probiotics could exacerbate these symptoms. In these situations, you would need to work on an anti-microbial programme to eliminate the cause before adding bacteria back in.” – Rebecca Pilkington

Scrap Sugar

“From ice-creams to alcohol, the summer diet can be loaded with sugars, which is a huge hormone disruptor. While you’re trying to cut it out, ensure you have protein with every meal and try adding cinnamon to foods, which can help to keep cravings at bay and improve blood sugar balance. Avoid sweeteners with a bargepole – they are loaded with chemicals and are so sweet they can actually perpetuate a sugar craving.” – Angelique Panagos 

Raw Vs Cooked

“It’s a misconception that you have to eat vegetables raw to get the maximum nutrition content. By cooking vegetables, you break down the cell wall, which is actually vital to release nutrients and make them more available. I advise my clients to lightly steam their vegetables – you can then use the water for soups or stews to boost your nutrient intake even further.” – Rebecca Pilkington 

Forget The Scales

“Try to avoid weighing yourself every day as the negatives really outweigh the positives – it’s all too easy to become obsessed by the numbers. Rather than stepping on the scales, take your measurements as our weight fluctuates hugely throughout the month due to hormones. Instead, think about how you feel, how your clothes fit and your mood – these are the important things.” – Angelique Panagos

Save On Supplements

“Just like you can’t outrun a bad diet, you can’t out-supplement it either. Remember your liver and kidneys are amazing at detoxing on their own, so be sure you’re giving them what they need – food first is the most important thing. Broccoli, for example, contains sulforaphane, which helps the liver get rid of excess oestrogen.” – Angelique Panagos 

Indulgence SOS

“If your tummy is feeling a little worse for wear after a holiday or indulgent meal, try bone broth, a great gut healer that’s my number one go-to. I’m also a huge fan of stewed apples – when cooked this way, the pectin in the apples becomes more bioavailable and act as a prebiotic, feeding the good microbiome.” – Rebecca Pilkington

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