The Health Checks To Book Now For Peace of Mind

Knowledge is power – and thanks to a rise in private testing, it’s never been easier to take better control of your health. From pin-prick blood tests to check vitamin D levels to hormone analysis and even screening programmes designed to spot cancer at its earliest stage, these are the tests that could put your mind at ease.
By Tor West

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Whether you’re looking to monitor an ongoing condition, are interested to see if your supplements are making a difference, or are merely interested to understand how your body is functioning, Holland & Barrett’s new service Ivie is one to have on your radar. The finger prick tests – there are 11 in the range – can help with diabetes, thyroid problems, tiredness levels and iron deficiencies, with results from a doctor delivered to an app within 48 hours. You can then book a free 15-minute video or in-store appointment with an expert to get further lifestyle, supplement or product advice.

Cost: From £39




Vitamin D is one of those nutrients we know we should be supplementing, but medical experts agree it’s important to get your levels tested so you can supplement accordingly, which is where BetterYou comes in. Its dry-spot blood test – done in the comfort of your home – is straightforward and you’ll receive your results within ten days. The BetterYou team will then recommend the right supplements (from the brand’s bestselling oral spray range) for you to either maintain or raise your vitamin and mineral levels. You’ll also find tests for vitamin B12 and iron.

Cost: From £34.95




An award-winning, next-generation bowel cancer home screening test, this intelligent screening programme detects changes in the bowel earlier and more accurately than the standard ‘FIT’ test offered on the NHS, which is only offered once you reach the age of 60. Studies show it can spot signs of bowel cancer before any symptoms or bleeding occurs, offering superior early detection compared to faecal blood tests. ColoAlert detects 85% of colorectal cancers, and often in the very early stages of the disease.

Cost: From £399




Increasing studies show it’s not just your gut microbiome that plays a part in your overall health – the bacteria in your vagina also play a part. The world’s first tampon-based, at-home vaginal health screening kit, Daye’s game-changing test will tell you if you have a vaginal infection like thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV), and also if your microbiome is disrupted, which could put you more at risk of STIs, infections, gynaecological cancers, and fertility and IVF complications. Once you have your results, you’ll be able to speak to a Daye doctor for medication and supplement advice. 

Cost: £89.95



The London General Practice

Given we know most illnesses – from cancers to diabetes – have better outcomes when caught early, the comprehensive screenings on offer at The London General Practice will put your mind at ease, especially if you’re anxious when it comes to your health. The Advanced Health Screening is the medical assessment to know, and includes every test you could possibly think of, from blood tests to MRIs. The Essential Health Plus test is a more affordable option. Even if your tests come back clear, they promise to still be useful, offering lifestyle suggestions so you can better look after your body in the long run. 

Cost: From £1,450



One Day Tests

Founded by an NHS GP and former medical officer in the British Army, One Day Tests’ walk-in clinics and home testing kits enable you to book blood tests and get results within 24 hours with a doctor’s comment. Offering the same tests your GP orders without the need for a referral, there are 300 tests on offer – from liver function to cortisol, thyroid, cholesterol and more – and most clinics have same-day availability. If you’re not good with needles, finger prick tests are also available to do at home. It’s the GP-backed service you didn’t know you needed.

Cost: From £39




From vitamin B12 injections to cholesterol checks and vitamin and mineral blood tests, Superdrug has over 60 health clinics nationwide with nurses and pharmacists that offer a variety of health checks. Not sure where to start? For a full-body MOT, book in for Health Check, which analyses 44 markers for common problems, including iron, folate and B12 deficiencies, cholesterol and markers of inflammation, with results available within five days. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of what your results mean, as well as relevant medical advice from experienced doctors. 

Cost: The Health Check costs £159




Whether you’re looking to keep on top of your sexual health, understand your hormone levels, or monitor or improve your chances of conception, GoodBody has you covered. Its discreet and accurate tests are a practical way to monitor your health, from thorough sexual health and STI tests through to hormone checks and early pregnancy detection. Highlights include the Menopause Home Test Kit, which can indicate whether you are experiencing the menopause or just starting it, and a PCOS blood test, which can provide clarity on any cycle-related symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Cost: From £9.99



The Body Lab

As well as testing the blood to analyse the health of your heart, kidneys, liver, bones and thyroid, and checking your risk of diabetes, digestive, muscle and joint problems, and allergies, The Body Lab also uses DNA analysis, microbiome panels and other science-backed biomarker tests to provide a 360° picture of your body. Ideal for those looking to take a holistic approach, your results will be analysed by a team of experts to help you determine a unique health optimisation plan. Testing takes place at The Body Lab clinic on Kensington High Street – the service can be booked on a Thursday morning starting at 9am and is available every other week. 

Cost: £420 for non-members




Countless studies show the gut is linked to our overall health, influencing everything from our hormones to heart and brain health, so it makes sense to ensure yours is working as it should be. Its Functional Gut Test is perfect for those looking to make tangible changes to their gut health – following an at-home stool sample, you’ll receive a gut health score out of ten as well as personal dietary and lifestyle advice. Between one and six months later, test yourself again to measure the effectiveness of the changes. The Advanced Gut Test, meanwhiles, pinpoints exactly what bacteria are present in your gut and how effectively they are working – one to consider if you struggle with IBS or other digestive issues. 

Cost: From £80




Whether you’re intrigued to know where your hormones are at (even if you’re on contraception) or are trying to conceive, it’s worth remembering that hormone imbalances are very common – 64% of us have at least one hormone out of range. Hertility’s Fertility & Hormone Test is the only at-home test in the world that can detect nine of the most common gynaecological conditions and removes the need to wait in line on the NHS or spend thousands through private clinics. Once you have your results, they’re analysed by your own personal gynaecologist, and you can even get speedy referrals to vetted partner clinics. 

Cost: £149


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