The At-Home Food Intolerance Test You Need To Know About
The At-Home Food Intolerance Test You Need To Know About

The At-Home Food Intolerance Test You Need To Know About

If you experience bloating after eating certain foods, struggle with itchy skin, acne or eczema, battle recurrent headaches or unexplained fatigue, a food intolerance could be to blame. According to research, 45% of us have some kind of food intolerance, but because these reactions can pop up days later, it’s tricky to connect symptoms to a particular food. YorkTest is a clever at-home intolerance test that eliminates the guesswork. Here’s how it works and why it could be a game-changer for your health.

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The At-Home Food Intolerance Test You Need To Know About


First, What Exactly Is A Food Intolerance?

Food intolerances are different to food allergies. Where an allergy elicits an acute – and often immediate – reaction, a food intolerance is less severe. An intolerance triggers an IgG antibody reaction whilst an allergic reaction causes the body to release IgE antibodies. Also known as a food sensitivity, symptoms usually manifest as digestive discomfort of some kind, rashes, headaches, or fatigue. Unlike an allergy, the symptoms of an intolerance can take several days to show up, making it hard to join the dots.

What Are The Signs You Might Have An Intolerance?

Bloating after a meal is a clear sign that something you ate didn’t agree with you. The same goes for excess gas, constipation or diarrhoea after eating. Skin issues are another common symptom of a food sensitivity and that makes sense, given the gut is closely linked to your skin. While these symptoms aren’t life-threatening, a food intolerance can significantly impact your quality of life – so it's worth getting on top of them.

The test will reveal whether you have an INTOLERANCE to 200 food and drink ingredients with RESULTS in just SEVEN DAYS.

How Can York Test Help?

If you suspect you may have an intolerance, have been struggling to get to the bottom of pesky symptoms, have tried an elimination diet or are merely intrigued as to how your body reacts to the food you eat, YorkTest’s industry-loved Premium Food Intolerance Test could help. A simple finger-prick blood test that can be done in the comfort of your home, it will reveal whether you have an intolerance to any of 200 food and drink ingredients with results in just seven days. Your sample is analysed by qualified scientists in an accredited laboratory to provide accurate results which are listed in an easy-to-read traffic format to indicate high, borderline and normal reactivity. The test is ideal if you’re fed up with long GP waiting times – there’s no need to wait for an appointment and there’s free same-day dispatch if you order before 3pm.

How Does The Test Work?

Unlike some other tests on the market, YorkTest’s award-winning kit measures all four subtypes of food-specific IgG antibodies to deliver comprehensive and accurate results. Simply order your test online, take the easy finger-prick blood test and you’ll receive your results within a week. The test also comes with a free, 30-minute consultation with a nutritional therapist to help you understand your results. Within this consultation, an expert will advise you on the foods to eliminate from your diet, and help you find alternatives so you can still enjoy mealtimes without experiencing any symptoms. All consultations are bespoke, and the experts can align recommendations with pre-existing diets – such as a vegetarian or vegan – and can recommend supplements to help your gut heal from the effects of an intolerance.

How Accurate Is It?

Raised IgG antibodies are a robust indicator that a food or drink has ‘triggered’ the immune system, and higher antibodies indicate a higher reaction to a specific ingredient. YorkTest’s kits have been developed by an in-house scientific team together with a wider team of qualified scientists and nutritional therapists, so rest assured it’s backed by those in the know and driven by data. The brand itself has been leading the way in the industry for over 40 years.

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